Adidas King of the road oct. 11, 2008

12 10 2008

The race is exceptionally great except for some lapses of the organizer to put as much as many gallons of water at the finish line. I timed in 2 hrs and 6 mins, way below my personal record. I expected it that way because of my 2 weeks cleansing/detoxification which i did from sept 25 to oct. 9, 2008 wherein i only ate fruits and vegetables…(no carbohydates nor protein). I lose 8 lbs (from 140 to 132 lbs). According to my timex heart rate monitoring,here’s my data…time 2 hrs 6 mins 52 secs, in zone 2.06.20, average hour 172, peak hour 187, min hour 178, total calories 2043



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13 10 2008

Thats risky bro if you’ll run in half marathon without carbo loading or protein..Too good that you were able to finish the race. I ran too and yeah you’re right,water is lacking especially at the finish line. See you at botak this sun.

13 10 2008

Adidas King of the Road 2008 Pictures

Hey there! You can now check the pictures taken from Adidas King of the Road 2008 last Saturday, October 11, at Fort Bonifacio

Best of Adidas King of the Road 20008

General Gallery of Adidas King of the Road 20008


13 10 2008

King, thank you very much for the update. You’re indeed gifted in such area. Let’s give the Glory back to HIM.

Those pictures are nice! I wonder…Are you taking those shots while running? Just asking hehehe Have a nice day.

13 10 2008

Carbo loading is very important before the race. But what you did bro is one of a kind. keep it up.

5 08 2009
Jay Shaft

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