The Old Man In The train

16 11 2008

I love trains! Though I was almost hit by one, I’ve never stopped riding on them. It’s such a lovely ride. And it really helps you avoid traffic and getting late. And if you know LRT-2, I believe you would say it’s the most comfortable train to ride—on its first year, at least.

Every day on this train seems to be ordinary. You sit, relax, wait for your station and leave. Of course it’s just a means to reach your destination. And sometimes train travel is so quiet you could almost sleep, and if evangelists would preach here, they would surely listen. And you might even want to spend your quiet time in the train.

Well, I tried doing that once. I was so late that I have to hurry and fail to do my morning devotion. It was during the first year of my conversion and I was reading “Now that You are Saved” by Reinhard Bonke. I was so eager to know the Lord whom I have received and I can’t just waste 20 minutes in train thinking nothing. So I took the booklet and read it. But I placed it on my lap to make sure the people around me wouldn’t know what I’m reading. (I was a bit hesitant about what people would think about me. Oh give me a lee way; I was a baby Christian back then.)
Then there was an old man beside me who seems to be interested on what I’m reading. Now I really don’t want anyone to know what I’m reading but this old man really wants to see it and he’s even bending just to see the title of the booklet. So for his comfort, I showed him what it is. Then he asked me a question, “Are you a Christian?” I was hesitant to answer a stranger but I said “Yes”. The next thing I knew, tears were falling from the old man’s eyes. Then he said, “You know, I’m so blessed to see a youth reading the bible or Christian literature. You’re so blessed to know the Lord that early.” At first, I didn’t get what he’s trying to say. Then he told me his story.

He is an 80 year old man, from an influential family in Bicol. He has the wealth every man could wish, and a good family and children as well. But he isn’t a good man. He spent his youth in girls and alcohol. He is living a life without a purpose. Then his children became Christians. But he has never been interested to join them in their faith. Time came when her daughter celebrated her birthday, he asked her daughter to name whatever she wants to receive as a birthday gift and he will surely give it to her. Her daughter asked her just one thing, for him to surrender his life to the Lord Jesus. And he did, and his life was forever changed.

He is still crying while telling his story, and how the Lord gave meaning to his life. He also expressed his regret for not knowing the Lord early his life. He feels sorry for not serving the Lord during the prime of his years. But it’s neither too late for Him to serve; he is now a deacon in their church. And he is planning to do nothing but serve God for the remaining years of his life. And he said it such a delight to see a youth serving the Lord in their early days.

I stopped reading the booklet. It became alive through the life of this old man. Now I am more than grateful not just because I was saved, but because the Lord found me at the prime of my years. I could devote to the Lord my freshest and most energetic worship and devotion. And His love continually ignites my relationship, I keep on serving Him. And perhaps when I grow old, I could say, what a lovely ride that has been.

In this walk of faith we may have different trains. My train may have come early and old man’s was late. So what? As long as Jesus is the one driving our lives, it would be the best joy ride we all could ever have! And it doesn’t matter when your train arrives because each person who is destined to know the Lord has his own time.

Next station…heaven.





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