The 6th Animo Run Recap

24 11 2008

My friends Willy, Henry and I joined the 6th Lasalle Animo Run yesterday. We boarded a van courtesy of Ferdie who went to Palawan together with his wife. We left Pacita At 4:15am and reached the domestic airport at around 5:25am. I knew from there that we will be late by a minute or two and we can’t stretch out or have a pre-slow run before the race. I do have have the burden too of giving the singlet and race packet to Jerry who called me up saying he’s already there. Arriving in MOA at 5:45am, we encountered severe bottlenecks in the parking area and to make the story short, we we’re not able to check-in on time as experienced by many. The gun was fired although we’re still at the line waiting for our tag to be scanned by the computer…

Running without the traditional warm up and stretching gave me hard time to find my rhythm and at early stage of km 3, there you have it-a minor cramp is slowly developing on my right leg. I have to recuperate myself but still, some minor aches still linger! The result…My time according to my stop watch,it’s 51 minutes and 43 seconds unofficial. Although I didn’t break my best pr in 10 kms (its 45 minutes in last year adidas kotr) i’m still very happy and satisfied because my only goal is to finish below one hour.

Needless to say, I’m glad too to meet some popular bloggers, highaltitude, jinoe (i greeted him once while he’s running) and the other nice guy c/o highaltitude….I’m sorry,forgot his name.

I’m thankful to the Lord for allowing me to finish this race and once again, shining for Him in my own little way. At km 8, while doing some fartlek, I said a simple prayer,anointing the vicinity and dedicated the whole MOA to the Lord.

God bless us all!

God must especially love GENTLE people; He made so few of them! Galatians 5:22-23




2 responses

24 11 2008
run unltd.

Hi Ronnie, great meeting you at the animo run. Congrats on your run and see you again at the races. God bless.

vener – run unltd.

25 11 2008

Hi Vener, I’m glad to meet you too. Hope to chat with you longer next time after the race. God bless you. I am searching for your blog so that I could post my comment too but can’t access it. Please guide me.

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