Collecting Stuff for Good.

24 11 2008

Couple of years ago, I was able to watch a movie “With Honors.” Starred by Brendan Fraser, Moira Kelly and the legendary actor Joe Pesci. What I can’t forget about that movie is when Joe Pesci collected several stones and used it as memorabilia. Brendan asked him what is the purpose of collecting stones, Joe replied,”Everytime I experienced something, be it good or bad, I stooped down and got pebble or small stone, to remind me what happened to me on that day, and I treasured it. Whenever I’m sad, I just look for that stone which I possessed during happier times, and there I go, forgetting my sadness…”

During my recent Asian trips, my friends introduced me to Hard Rock Cafe and from there, I became an avid collector of Hard Rock cafe t-shirt. I Have one from Hong Kong, Honolulu, Rio de janeiro, Spain and Makati.

Collecting vintage watches is also very enjoyable for me. I have Oris, Bulova, Guy Laroche, Seiko, Citizen and Timex. Not mentioning my fetish for running shoes for i do have 6 pairs…2 new balance, adidas, Mizuno, Nike, and Reebok. I have galore of books too, and magazines about running and body building.

Some of my friends collect hunting knife, cap, sun glasses, and so on and so forth…All of us treasure something, be it pebble,stone or gadget. It reminds us of good times as well as bad. But don’t fall into temptation of loving material things; use it just for motivation and encouragement, and don’t stay too long remembering the past victories or defeats. Remember, everything will come to pass.

Just like what Joe Pesci did, let us collect stuff and use it for something good… Reminiscing the good days when we are lonely and thinking victorious in spite of defeat.

God bless us all today! Go your path but do not lose your way.





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