Thank You, 2008!

30 12 2008

After attending our Grand Reunion in Cavite last December 26-27, 2008..I resumed my daily practice here in Laguna. I’m glad to meet my Elementary classmates and reminisced those happy old days. How I wish to hear from them that  they too become runners, but none of them chose the path that I did! Anyway, how time flies and before 2008 say goodbye to each one of us…let me say thank you, 2008 for making this year a fruitful one. It may not be the best year, but truly, this year is great and let me mention some special blessings that I received;

1) My 2 new running shoes…Adidas ortholite geofit and New Balance 823.

2) My new Timex Heart Rate Monitor as a replacement for my old defective one. Yes, Timex Philippines decided to replace it since it’s under warranty even though I’m using this for a year now. Thank you Timex, specially to Mr. Tyrone, Manager, head office branch.

3) More racing events, new friends, buddies, and places that I conquered.

4) Spiritual maturity and Intimacy with my Maker.

5) Bonding with my family, relatives and loved ones.

6) Business success and financial stability.

7) Wisdom and knowledge, sound judgment.

8) Goodness and mercy, and saving grace.

Again, Thank you 2008!

” Godliness is profitable for all things.” 1 Tim 4:8


Dwyane Wade: An Inspiring Story.

25 12 2008

MIAMI (AP)—When Dwyane Wade heard the plight of a South Florida woman whose nephew accidentally burned down her home—and ruined all the family’s possessions—the Miami Heat star knew he had to do something.

So he helped the family move into a new home, just in time for Christmas.

Wade presented Dawn Smith with the ultimate Christmas gift on Wednesday— the keys to a her new house, along with some furnishings, clothing and gifts to make sure her family has a joyous holiday, something that didn’t seem likely just a few weeks ago.

His Wade’s World foundation will make some payments on the home, while Smith and her family get back on their feet.

“That’s what I try to teach my kids,” said Wade, whose foundation has hosted several charity events this holiday season, mostly for needy children. “It’s not about what you’re going to receive—it’s what you can give to others from what you’ve received.”

Smith couldn’t hold back happy sobs when she saw the home for the first time.

“A big-time relief,” Smith said, clearly overcome by emotion. “Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Oh, God, thank you so much.”

The NBA’s leading scorer this season had a simple message: “Hopefully, you’ll like it.”

Wade’s other holiday events this year included a party for 350 children on Monday, and hosting 100 kids at Tuesday night’s Heat game against the Golden State Warriors. He also donated $10,000 to each of three children’s organizations, but said he was particularly touched by being able to assist the Smith family.

“We can help this family have a new beginning,” Wade said.

What Christmas Teaches…

24 12 2008

There is a wonderful line from the American scholar Stephen L. Carter that is appropriate to the Christmas season: “Religion is, at its heart, a way of denying the rest of the world.” He is surely, astutely, and gloriously correct.

Faith’s view of this world is strangely skeptical. No, more than that.

It is a posture of unequivocal distrust leading to rejection! When the world recites its mantras — you matter only if you are beautiful, the most important thing is money, winning is everything, Look Out for Number One — faith protests them all. It adopts a posture of doubt and incredulity. It lives in skepticism and disbelief.

I refuse to believe that selfishness is acceptable or that it is permissible to resent another’s good fortune. I will not swallow the world’s way of thinking in order to justify prejudice, aggression, and hatred. No believer can be anything but incredulous about the claim of this world that she is entitled to anything she can get her hands on or that he should feel no guilt in exploiting others.

So distrust the alleged certainties of sense that cancel the mysteries of faith. Dispute the tendency of the masses to look forward only for the sake of declaring the impossibility of living with hope. Deny altogether the inevitability of such greed, hatred, and violence that we cannot prove the reality of love.

So let Christmas deny the hold of this world on your heart.

The Bible warns against being blinded by this world and speaks of the danger of the blind leading the blind. That warning puts us on notice that things, people, and ways of thinking totally rooted in the finite world of time, space, and matter will keep us from discovering, experiencing, and delighting in the greater realities of God, spirit, and eternity that can only be known by faith.

Faith isn’t self-deception. It is neither wish projection nor wishful thinking. It is our willingness to hear and stand with the things God has shown us through events and people as awe-inspiring as a trembling, smoking mountain in the desert and as modest as a baby’s first cry in the village of Bethlehem.

So let Christmas deny the hold of this world on your heart. Let it open your eyes to what the willfully blind will never see, your ears to things the incorrigibly deaf can never hear. See Immanuel — and know God is with us. Hear the song of angels — and receive God’s peace given to anxious hearts. Hold the confusion, cynicism, and antagonisms of this troubled world suspect — and choose God’s reign as your way of affirming the true realities. Merry Christmas to all!

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”-John 3:16

-God didn’t invade time to give us Christmas, He invaded time to give us Christ.-

It’s Not Flying,But Running In The Sky!

23 12 2008

Afraid Of Heights?

The runningshield announces in his blog this very unique and one of a kind run that will definitely change the view literally of many running aficionados dubbed as “The Condura Skyway 3k/5k/10k/21k Run” on March 22, 2009, for no one will be able to pass this route either in walking or in running… and this will be the first time we’ll have such opportunity!

While we can expect spectators not to be there for they will not be allowed to watch us but the view will be spectacular. This is a once in a lifetime experience and I will definitely join the 21 kms event. Imagine the route…starting point is at The Fort near Honda-Kalayaan Bridge-Buendia Ave-up to the Skyway ramp in Buendia-Go southbound on the Skyway heading towards Magallanes Exit which will be the turnaround point back to The Fort. Just wait for further announcement.
“Do not fear the strength of external temptation to sin; rather, fear the weakness of your internal determination to resist.” mathew 26:41

Takbo sa Kabundukan Recap

21 12 2008

Below is My personal record for todays’ 21 kilometers event based on my Timex heart rate monitor:

Time: 1 hour 59 minutes and 35 seconds (Unofficial)

In Zone: 1 hour 59 minutes and 3 seconds

average hour: 167 bytes per minute

Peak Hour: 179 bytes per minute

Minimum Hour: 122 bytes per minute

Total Calories: 1,746

Recovery: 27 (169-142)

In my group of 12, I came in 2nd right after Henry De Castro, who has a difficulty with his shoes, his time of 1 hour and 53 minutes is way below his best pr.

Here’s also my observations regarding this race:


1. The route to Wawa is really nice, particularly the uphill and the downhill area, and the two mountains in between the trail.

2. The personnel of Champion (Elvie) is very accommodating. I can transact with her even in phone.


1. Water is lacking, and even if there is, it has off taste.

2. The race didn’t start on time, it’s already 6:06 on my watch when they fired the gun.

3. There are no markings and kilometer posted..

4. Marshalls are scarce and lousy.

5. The route could have been better If the organizer started it at the base of Wawa mountain. That’s why it’s being dubbed “Takbo sa kabundukan” but 90% of the race is done in the town proper where pollution is  obvious and vehicles very rampant.

6. There are confusions at the finish line especially in the awarding ceremony. Some claims they are being stripped off the prize.

7. The Organizer failed to give some award/s to the age category group in the 21 kms event.

8. The 2 cans of Pocari sweat should have been given along the way, one at a time, and not at the finish line.

9. The emcee is funny and comical at times, but his words can offend some.

10. There is an injured person in the ambulance, a car being robbed at the parking area and galore of runners crying out for “WATER!”.


Above all, it’s my 48th competitions and I’m thankful for HIM for allowing me run this far. All the glory I give back to HIM.

“Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” mathew 26:41

Lessons From Barack Obama

19 12 2008

(The latest issue of Menshealth magazine features the man who made history a month ago and perhaps the most talked about person when it comes to policies, ideas and now “the balance life.” Like runners, he emphasized the importance of being active, healthy and sports minded. Thus, I salute him in regards to this topic.)

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The president of the United States of America leads a balanced life. Sounds hard to believe? US President-elect Barack Obama proves such a thing is possible. In the December issue of Men’s Health magazine, the soon-to-be busiest man in the world dispenses valuable advice on balancing one’s career and family, and finding the time to work out somewhere in between.

Whether or not you’re running a country, it helps to recruit allies that can form a solid team to whom you can delegate. In the same way a coach plots out his team’s moves play by play, Obama says he makes sure everyone is focused on the one or two things that are really going to be game changers. “I ask them to design my schedule in a way that focuses not just on what’s coming at us, but on being active instead of reactive,” he says.

Being active forces you to make time instead of chase after it. Obama tells Men’s Health, “The most difficult thing is to carve out time to think, which is probably the most important time for somebody who’s trying to shift an organization, or in this case, the country, as opposed to doing the same things that have been done before. And I find that time slips away.”

One thing’s for sure, Obama makes sure that time for his family does not slip away. “I haven’t missed a dance recital. I haven’t missed a parent-teacher conference,” he says, but admits it’s inevitable that he will miss some things. “A lot of the best moments of family life happen spontaneously. If you have less time to devote to them, there are fewer of those moments,” he says. “What I’ve been able to do is create a zone of normalcy for my kids.”

The zone of normalcy seems to extend to at least one part of his life: Obama still finds time to work out. Critics will say that even the average guy doesn’t have time for a 90-minute workout. To this, Obama says, I wish I was getting a 90-minute workout. Most of my workouts have to come before my day starts, and there’s usually a tradeoff between sleep and working out.”

As he jokes about plans to put an indoor basketball court in the White House, one thing is clear: Obama is a team player and he’s ready to play the game.

Learn more about balance, love, and leadership from the man of the hour by grabbing your copy of the December issue of Men’s Health, available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide.

Secret Of Success!

19 12 2008

I have nothing to share with you today except this simple message. I’m praying for God’s wisdom when typing this thought. I hope we can get something from it. God loves you!

“He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed.” Luke 5:16

What are the secrets of some successful men and women of God? Are they all talented? Did they possess special qualities that differ from the others? I think the answer is this…they prayed a lot! They are often on their knees, pouring their hearts to God, asking for mercy and guidance.

I read this very fascinating story about a young and new Vice President of a certain company who told his secretary not to bother him every 8am until 8:15am everyday because he will be doing a very important part of the job. One day, the President arrives, and the secretary told him to wait until the Vice President finished his transaction inside his room. Since the President has a duplicate key for that room, he opened the door and he was amazed by what he saw…for there in his room, the Vice President is on his knees, his head bowed down and he’s pouring his heart to God, weeping, asking for guidance, wisdom and mercy. He gently closed the door again and asked the secretary, “Is he doing it everyday?”. “Yes”, said the secretary. The President said to himself, “That’s why I keep coming back to him for advice.”

We are bombarded everyday with galore of transactions, appointments and schedules. Early in the morning, we’re already on the street, running and sweating it out. We have jobs to accomplish, deadlines to finish, children to fetch…and we need to re-charge and get stamina. We need to pray more! How nice it is to see those feet of ours running and bending it in prayer later on. This is the secret for a happy and joyous life, that we commune daily with our Maker.

Jesus showed us an example. He himself often withdrew into the wilderness and PRAYED. If we can run everyday, we can pray too everyday!

God bless us all!


“There’s plenty to do, but don’t fail to withdraw from it occasionally to get close the heart of God.”