Some Lessons I’ve Learned During Marathon..

16 12 2008

1. I may out-run some but there is always someone better.

2. Breaking my own personal record is nothing compares to the enjoyment of gaining more friends and helping someone along the way.

3.  The last 2 kilometers is always the hardest part…

4. When I’m out of form, mind setting plays an important role. It’s where positive thinking comes, it can make me or break me…

5. There is always a time that I’m all alone  and nobody can keep in pace with me.

6. There is always  a time when I’m so tired, I keep asking myself,”Why am I doing it?” What’s the purpose???

7. Water (and food) will always be lacking in some stations.

8. Every events have different challenges and difficulties, same is true with personal enjoyment and satisfaction.

9. When focusing on speed and very tired, I can no longer see and enjoy the scenery.

10. After each races, I will look for more! Even though I always say during Marathon that I will rest for a while…

“It takes a lifetime  to build a character but a single moment of foolishness to destroy it.” -Ecclesiastes 7:1

God bless us all!




3 responses

17 12 2008
run unltd.

These are good points of consideration, from a runner’s point of view. Happy holidays Ronnie.

17 12 2008

Thanks Vener…Wish you all the best, run more miles, more events and more friends!. May the Lord bless you more and be a blessing to others.
God bless.

18 12 2008

Hi Ronald. Very well said. Happy Holidays, God bless and will see you in 2009!

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