Secret Of Success!

19 12 2008

I have nothing to share with you today except this simple message. I’m praying for God’s wisdom when typing this thought. I hope we can get something from it. God loves you!

“He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed.” Luke 5:16

What are the secrets of some successful men and women of God? Are they all talented? Did they possess special qualities that differ from the others? I think the answer is this…they prayed a lot! They are often on their knees, pouring their hearts to God, asking for mercy and guidance.

I read this very fascinating story about a young and new Vice President of a certain company who told his secretary not to bother him every 8am until 8:15am everyday because he will be doing a very important part of the job. One day, the President arrives, and the secretary told him to wait until the Vice President finished his transaction inside his room. Since the President has a duplicate key for that room, he opened the door and he was amazed by what he saw…for there in his room, the Vice President is on his knees, his head bowed down and he’s pouring his heart to God, weeping, asking for guidance, wisdom and mercy. He gently closed the door again and asked the secretary, “Is he doing it everyday?”. “Yes”, said the secretary. The President said to himself, “That’s why I keep coming back to him for advice.”

We are bombarded everyday with galore of transactions, appointments and schedules. Early in the morning, we’re already on the street, running and sweating it out. We have jobs to accomplish, deadlines to finish, children to fetch…and we need to re-charge and get stamina. We need to pray more! How nice it is to see those feet of ours running and bending it in prayer later on. This is the secret for a happy and joyous life, that we commune daily with our Maker.

Jesus showed us an example. He himself often withdrew into the wilderness and PRAYED. If we can run everyday, we can pray too everyday!

God bless us all!


“There’s plenty to do, but don’t fail to withdraw from it occasionally to get close the heart of God.”




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