Takbo sa Kabundukan Recap

21 12 2008

Below is My personal record for todays’ 21 kilometers event based on my Timex heart rate monitor:

Time: 1 hour 59 minutes and 35 seconds (Unofficial)

In Zone: 1 hour 59 minutes and 3 seconds

average hour: 167 bytes per minute

Peak Hour: 179 bytes per minute

Minimum Hour: 122 bytes per minute

Total Calories: 1,746

Recovery: 27 (169-142)

In my group of 12, I came in 2nd right after Henry De Castro, who has a difficulty with his shoes, his time of 1 hour and 53 minutes is way below his best pr.

Here’s also my observations regarding this race:


1. The route to Wawa is really nice, particularly the uphill and the downhill area, and the two mountains in between the trail.

2. The personnel of Champion (Elvie) is very accommodating. I can transact with her even in phone.


1. Water is lacking, and even if there is, it has off taste.

2. The race didn’t start on time, it’s already 6:06 on my watch when they fired the gun.

3. There are no markings and kilometer posted..

4. Marshalls are scarce and lousy.

5. The route could have been better If the organizer started it at the base of Wawa mountain. That’s why it’s being dubbed “Takbo sa kabundukan” but 90% of the race is done in the town proper where pollution is  obvious and vehicles very rampant.

6. There are confusions at the finish line especially in the awarding ceremony. Some claims they are being stripped off the prize.

7. The Organizer failed to give some award/s to the age category group in the 21 kms event.

8. The 2 cans of Pocari sweat should have been given along the way, one at a time, and not at the finish line.

9. The emcee is funny and comical at times, but his words can offend some.

10. There is an injured person in the ambulance, a car being robbed at the parking area and galore of runners crying out for “WATER!”.


Above all, it’s my 48th competitions and I’m thankful for HIM for allowing me run this far. All the glory I give back to HIM.

“Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” mathew 26:41



9 responses

22 12 2008

sayang! guess they need to improve more. Congrats on your run!

22 12 2008

To runningfatboy…thanks a lot for dropping by. Wish to see you soon during the race. God bless.

22 12 2008

congratulationS! I won’t comment much, because I only have bad words for them.
only this: 2 cans of pocari??? They only gave me ONE!!

22 12 2008

To Roy…Sorry to hear that bro, they gave me 2 cans, maybe they cost-cut a little bit on you hehe. It’s not uniform though for some of my companions received 1 can while others 2. Siguro pare ung mga mukhang pagod na pagod 2 ang binibigay nila hehehe and they saw you still in good form. lol
Kidding aside, this race is the worst for this year! If not for that nice wawa route, my rating for them will fall below 50%.
God bless.

23 12 2008

Hi Ronnie. Congratulations on the run. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you!

25 12 2008

Hi Ron! Kabayan! Obviously we all share similar comments about the Kabundukan Run (Scarce water, lousy marshals, air pollution, etc.). They know it. Now they’ll think again before organizing an event. But its nice to have met you guys here. Marami pala tayo sa San Pedro. Or near San Pedro.

Merry Running Christmas to you and your family!

26 12 2008

Hi Wayne…thanks for the greetings. Enjoy this season as well. Regards to your family. God bless.

Hi Vic…nice meeting you! Hopefully you could join with us during our long runs and racing events. I’ll keep you posted. God bless.

26 12 2008

Congratulations on your PR! Its a reward for your perseverance and training. Giving it a rating of 75 is an act of charity. However, from the accounts of the race, I would have given it a rating of 65. The organizers really have to get their acts together.

31 12 2008

Hi Kinderdorf…nice insight bro!
Thanks a lot. God bless!

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