Practice Makes Perfect.

2 01 2009

As the saying goes…”Practice makes perfect.”…Here’s my progress in running

Legend: iz=in zone, ah=average hour, ph=peak hour, mh=minimum hour, tc=total calories, R=recovery, ER=easy run, TR=tempo run, SR=speed run, LR=long run (ah 160=5.5mins/km; 150=6mins/km; 140=6.5mins/km; 130=7mins/km; 120=7.5mins/km; 110=8mins/km; 100=8.5mins/km)

DEC 2008:

23)ER50mins1sec=7kms;iz=40.42,ah=124,ph=151,mh=64,tc=382,R21(119-97)24) 24)AM:ER1hour 20mins=9 kms; iz=57.22,ah=96,ph=128,mh=59,tc=493

PM:SR1hour=9 kms;iz=59.36,ah=134,ph=165mh=56,tc=601

25) ER1hour53mins=12kms, iz=1.38,ah=105,ph=129,mh=55,tc=658

26) TR1hour only=8kms,iz=59.08,ah=127,ph=152,mh=63,tc=534

27) ER1 hour only=8kms,iz=59.10,ah=128,ph=151,mh=66,tc=543

28) LR 4hours 2minutes 41 seconds=32 kms, shoes new balance 643, house to sm molino via daang hari vice versa, iz 3.54,ah 126, ph 170, mh 72,tc 2128

29) ER 1 hour 9 minutes 56 secs=7 kms, shoes adidas adiprene, house to san agustin oval, iz 31.02, ah 98, ph 122, mh 50, tc 336

30) ER 2 hours 1 min=15.12 kms, shoes reebok red, one lasalle singlet, house to san agustin in oval, rainy day. iz 1.56, ah 117, ph 145, mh 63, tc 907

31) ER 1 hour 11 minutes=8.8kms, shoes adidas adiprene, yakult 10 miler 2008 edition, house to san agustin oval, cloudy day. iz 58.32, ah 110, ph 154, mh 56, tc 465

JAN 2009

1) RUNNING-rest day. WEIGHTS-back/shoulder-one hour.

2) LR 4hours 5 minutes=32.7kms, house to sm molino bacoor cavite-vice versa with Bert, Willy, Jack, Rigo and Rannie, cloudy day, shoes new balance 800, milo 32nd edition. iz 3.59, ah 123, ph 193, mh 30, tc 2046




2 responses

2 01 2009

Ano daw?? LOL

This is so inspiring! Your 2009 is off to a great running start! Keep on inspiring! God superbless!

3 01 2009

Hi ganns…thank you po for your comment. God bless you.

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