My New Year Resolutions…

3 01 2009

Many people make resolutions on New Year’s Day, promising themselves (and sometimes God) that the next year of life will be different. We determine that habits are going to be changed and new patterns of behavior developed.

Resolutions like these are highly commendable and can often serve as a stimulus to spiritual growth. But not always. Sometimes our resolution are carried out only for a little while and all too soon are forgotten.

Samuel Johnson, a deeply committed Christian who lived in the 18th century, frequently wrote resolutions to his journals. Here is a typical entry: “I have corrected no external habits, nor kept any of the resolutions made in the beginning of the year, yet I hope still to be reformed, and not to lose my whole life in idle purposes.”

With God’s help, let me share with you my resolutions for this year, and here it goes…

1. To read again the whole Bible in one year. My ” The One Year Bible” is very helpful in accomplishing this. I was able to read the entire Old and New Testament eight times already and I still long for it. The Bible is God’s love letter to us and to know His will, I must cling to His Words.

2. To be active again in the Ministry. I missed the fellowship in Victory Church in Alabang because of proximity. This year, may I find time to attend regularly. I missed those days where I preach during Sunday’s Worship and leading a Bible Study group…

3. To run 180 kilometers a week and not to have any injury. I’ll try to join at least three full marathons this year and one Ultramarathon. Also, to conquer places like Milo Legaspi City and Palawan. Last Year, I conquered Milo Laoag and Batangas City. At least 2 out of towns in a year is not bad. I’ll try again a sub 4 performance in Milo Marathon Elimination.

4. To be more consistent in my Cross-training, Biking and weigh training. I’ll focus in building again my abs, push up 200 times a day and learn yoga for flexibility.

5. To be able to read two books in a month. I still have plenty of unread books in my mini library. I will finish reading them all this year..

6. I will join a chess competition again. My yahoo rating of 1650 is not bad. Chess is my favorite past time…

7. To be more transparent to my loved ones. More humility, love and Christ likeness in action.

God bless us all this year!

“Promises lightly made are largely broken. But God’s promises are never lightly made and therefore are never broken.” 2 Corinthians 1:20




3 responses

3 01 2009

Well said, classmate! Always proud of you!

6 01 2009
bro J

God bless you bro! May He continue to keep you in His love and mercy! Hope to meet you in future races!

7 01 2009

Hi Bro J…Yes we will see definitely in some other races this year. God bless you and your family.

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