Two Long Runs In Just 5 Days…

4 01 2009

Last Sunday December 28, 2008…We conquered Sm Molino Bacoor through running! Runnerforchrist, together with Conrad Aquino, a 63 year old veteran runner and Bert Rodillas, a 60 year old vintage runner geared up to reach this milestone. This is our first time to be in this place and our first long run since the recent 42 kms held last August 2008 for the Milo Elimination. The route is very challenging and there are so many uphills and downhills. From Our home, we go to Calendola San Pedro Laguna, to Southpeak ( a favorite running place of many), then to Victoria Muntinlupa. We entered the Daang Hari route where there are so many bikers and occasional runners. When we reached the police checkpoint, we turned left, passing the Verdana Homes until we reached Sm Molino Bacoor Cavite. We conquered Laguna, Muntinlupa and Cavite through running and we did it in 4 hours and 2 minutes. Since we enjoyed the trip (LOL), we did it again last Friday January 2, 2009….same route and with almost the same time. This time, we are now five, with Jack Marcos, Rod Cameros, Bert Rodillas, Willy Eugenio and myself, runnerforchrist. Conrad Aquino was not able to join us due to personal reason. We started at 5:15am and finished at almost 9:20am. Mileage is between 32-33 kilometers.

Here’s the data:

December 28, 2008

time: 4 hours and 2 minutes, in zone 3.54, average hour 126, peak hour 170, minimum hour 72, total calories 2,128

January 2, 2009

time: 4 hours and 5 minutes, in zone 3.59, average hour 123, peak hour 193, minimum hour 30, total calories 2,046

Along the way, we kept asking ourselves why we are doing it. Someone candidly said, he has a problem and he needs to think clearly, that’s why he runs like this. Another stated that he ate so much during the holidays and he needs to burn more calories, and another explained this is the right thing to start a new era. Whatever it is, we know for sure that we enjoyed running! This may be painful to the legs and to the body afterwards but there is something in it that is unexplainable. In it, there is a euphoria, a bliss, a rapture between our soul and body.

And I forgot to mention, this coming January 11, 2009…Sunday…we will go back to that place again, and we’re planning it big! Maybe more than ten addict runners. And hopefully go beyond that place in Aguinaldo Highway in Imus Cavite. This time, there will be no more questions like why we are doing this? For we knew already the answer!

“Go, and sin no more!”-Jesus Christ

“We are most like beasts when we kill. We are most like men when we judge. We are most like God when we forgive.” -Luke 6:37




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