Running And Basketball

5 01 2009

When I got this injury in my right leg way back in 2002, I promised myself not to play basketball again. Since childhood, my love for basketball is really awesome, playing almost everyday and when I’m selected in the Mythical 5 and then later as the Most Valuable Player, I thought that this sports is my forte. But an accident happened, in our championship game, do or die, in the rebound collision, my right foot landed on the leg of my opponent, and a loud thud was heard.

I screamed inside Lasalle’s hospital in Dasmarinas Cavite in grueling pain, and after an hour, my right leg was cast and cemented. This took long for more than 30 days, I consumed all my sick and vacation leaves and when the cement was removed, I never touched a basketball since then. Whenever there is an Inter- Baranggay Basketball Tournament, there is always an invitation for me to join, but I always said “No.”

After 6 years, I still like basketball but this time not as a player but a mere watcher at the sideline. I don’t always marvel at those fancy hoops, slam dunks and high leaping cagers. I want a character in a player like Dwayne Wade for his generosity, Dikembe Mutombo for his big hands in helping the poorest in his nation, Patrick Ewing for there is unconfirmed report that he donated one of his kidney to his former nemesis, Alonzo Mourning,.. Shaquile Oneal for his versatility on and off the court and Grant Hill for his undeniably sportsmanship attitude.

Yes, I can run now but there is still pain occasionally on my right leg especially during long run. Sometimes, it becomes my Waterloo. My heart and mind can still speed it up but my right leg is always tormenting me.

If I will be given a chance between basketball and running, I will choose the latter. For in it, the occurrence of injury is lesser and the long time health benefits is far better. There is an amazing fact: A cager will always retire before they reach the age of 40 but a runner can still run a marathon (42 kms) and have a time of 4 hours and 6 minutes and yet his age is 72 years old. <source: 32nd milo elimination marathon race result>

Let’s run more this year!

” A friend loves at all times…” proverbs 17:17



4 responses

5 01 2009

Hi Ronnie! In a way, I guess I’m superblessed that I haven’t gotten injured since I decided to pursue my fitness program… but it’s always good to be careful, I suppose.

Thanks for this blog entry!

6 01 2009

Hello ganns…yes prevention is better than cure! Runners and athletes are prone to injuries and we must be very careful.

God bless you and your family. Thanks again for visiting. Nice to have you here!

6 01 2009
run unltd.

Hi Ronnie, same with you I never touched a basketball too after I discovered running. Its not that I backed off from basketball but I am now more inclined in running and my passion came along with it. Thru here I met you and every other people who run. More power to you and God bless. See you again.

7 01 2009

Hi Vener, Meeting people like you is a great honor. See you soon at the races. God bless.

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