The Story Of Eduardo “Vertek” Buenavista

12 01 2009

Eduardo Buenavista (born 13 October 1978 in Teresita, then part of Banga, South Cotabato, now part of Santo Niño, South Cotabato)(Height: 4’10”; Weight: 136 pounds) is a Filipino long-distance runner and two-time Olympian. He holds the Philippine record for multiple long distance events.

Buenavista was nicknamed “Vertek” by his childhood friends because, they said, he always overtakes them when running. He finished his elementary education at Teresita Elementary School and his secondary education at Santo Niño National High School. While in high school, Buenavista’s potential as a runner was discovered by his teachers and he became the school’s bet in track meets. In 1997, his last year in high school, he broke 4 of the Palarong Pambansa records in track and was immediately tapped to become a member of the Philippine team.

His best marathon time is 2:18:44 hours. He also holds the Philippine 5000 meters record of 13 minutes, 58 seconds, and performed the 10,000 meters in 29:02.36 minutes. He finished 67th in the 2004 Athens Olympic marathon. He was a silver medalist in the recent 23rd Southeast Asian Games in the 10,000 meter run. He was the putative winner of the gold medal in the 5000m event, but due to unintentional physical contact with a Thai runner, he was denied the award. He has also won many road races in the Philippines, distance races on previous South East Asian Games and the Adidas King of the Road in South Korea.

Personal Best

  • 3000 Metres 8:17.14 min. (Manila 26 05 2002)
  • 5000 Metres 13:58.43 min. (Busan 10 10 2002)
  • 10,000 Metres 29:02.36 min. (Busan 07 10 2002)
  • Half Marathon 1:03:42 hrs. (Incheon 27 03 2005)
  • Marathon 2:18:44 hrs. (Oita 01 02 2004)
  • 3000 Metres(SC) 8:40.77 min. (Kuala Lumpur 12 09 2001)





4 responses

12 01 2009

thank you for the info about vertek. i meet him a year ago and had a pic with him. he is a very humble guy. very nice. what i found strange is you noted his weight at 136 lbs. 4’10 in height. 136 is a bit high. but i guess its all muscles

12 01 2009

i still don’t understand why he was not able to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Marathon despite his time and exposure to internationa athletic events. maybe, i little push from PATAFA and POC to the IOC might have made a little difference for him to join the Philippine Team. nice post!

12 01 2009

Does he really weigh 136lbs? Isn’t this a little heavy for a 4’10” runner?

12 01 2009

Hi runningshield, me too I was able to meet him face to face during the warm up session in the 21 kms Manila marathon last year and I’m amazed on how humble he is. One thing I’ve noticed about him is that his upper body is big and all muscles, and I think that’s the reason that his weight is 136 lbs at 4’10…God bless.

Hi kingofpots…Nice observation! Maybe it’s about time for the government to appoint someone who is inclined to running so that a capable runner/s like Vertek will not be “neglected” again. Thanks for dropping by, S’ Jovie. God bless.

Hi i2runner…I will ask him regarding this matter when chance allows me tohehe but as what I’ve said to runningshield and the way he looks at it too, maybe it’s all muscles. Thanks a lot for posting. God bless.

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