Mid Month Summary Of My Training.

14 01 2009

As the saying goes “The Journey of a thousand miles begins at a single step.” Here’s the summary of my journey for the first 14 days of this year. It may not be my perfect training plan but I’m happy with it. From January 1, 2009 until today Jan 14, 2009, I was able to run a total of 16 hours and 20 minutes equals to 109.10 kilometers and burned 8,514 calories. I’ve been to the gym 5 times equals 6 hours and cross trained with my racer bike 2 times equals 2 hours and 45 minutes. Next month February, I will integrate also swimming as my cross training and hopefully try a triathlon next year.

Legend: iz=in zone, ah=average hour, ph=peak hour, mh=minimum hour, tc=total calories, R=recovery, ER=easy run, TR=tempo run, SR=speed run, LR=long run (ah 160=5.5mins/km; 150=6mins/km; 140=6.5mins/km; 130=7mins/km; 120=7.5mins/km; 110=8mins/km; 100=8.5mins/km)

JAN 2009

1) RUNNING-rest day. GYM-back/shoulder-one hour.

2) LR 4hours 5 minutes=32.7kms, house to sm molino bacoor cavite-vice versa, cloudy day, shoes new balance 800, milo 32nd edition. iz 3.59, ah 123, ph 193, mh 30, tc 2,046

3) RUNNING -rest day. GYM-legs/back/shoulder-one and a half hour.

4) ER 1 hour 30 minutes=12 kms, new balance 643, nike blue tshirt singlet. Timex heart rate malfunctioned.

5) TR 1 hour=8.6 kms, adidas adiprene, nike orange tshirt singlet, sunny day, iz 59.20, ah 132, ph 159, mh 62, tc 577

6) ER 1 hour=8 kms, from 7:30am til 8:30am, Collegio de San Agustin Oval, sunny day, with Conrad and Willy, reebok red shoe, nike green singlet, iz 59.24, ah 126, ph 145, mh 67, tc 528

7) ER 1 hour 31 minutes=12 kms, from 7:20am til 8:51am, Colegio San Agustin Oval, cloudy day,alone, new balance 643, asics gel singlet, iz 1.30, ah 122, ph 142, mh 73, tc 752

8) RUNNING-rest day. BIKING– 1hour and 30 minutes, from 6:15am til 7:45am, cloudy to rainy day, Southwoods Hotel to San Lazaro Leisure Park, Carmona Cavite, with Abet. GYM– 1 hour, shoulder/back

9) SR 1 hour 5 minutes=9.28 kms, 4:45pm-5:50pm, cloudy day, San Agustin Oval, alone, new balance 800, northface singlet. iz 1 hour 3 minutes, ah 131, ph 167, mh 69, tc 616

10) TR 2 hours 1 minute=17.28 kms, 5:30am-7:31am, cloudy day, Puregold San Pedro, with Willy and Jack, reebok red, northface singlet, iz 1 hour 59 minutes, ah 126, ph 166, mh 73, tc 1,069

11) ER 1 hour 11 minutes=8.35 kms, 5:30am-6:41am,cloudy day, Empty Space, with Willy, new balance 643, adidas red, iz 54 minutes, ah 103, ph 129, mh 74, tc 397

12) RUNNING-rest day. BIKE-1 hour 15 minutes. GYM-1 hour

13) TR 1 hour 56 minutes=16.6 kms, 6am-7:56am, sunny day, Alaska, alone, adidas adiprene, yellow long sleeve, iz 1 hr 54 mins, ah 131, ph 161, mh 76, tc 1,106

14) ER 1 hour=8.6 kms, 8am-9am, cloudy to sunny day, Empty Space, alone, new balance 800, yellow long sleeve, in zone 59 minutes, ah 129, ph 155, mh 65, tc 553; GYM-1 hour 30 minutes

“Our Sufficiency is from God.” 2 Corinthians 3:5




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15 01 2009

Hey thanks so much for this. Keep em posts coming, find them so interesting. Anyways where did you take your swimming lessons ? I’m keen to take it up while I’m still young.

1 06 2009

red sea

3 06 2009

birthday gift

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