The Northface Thrill Of The Trail Recap

18 01 2009

I achieved my goal today by beating my own personal record from 2 hours and 31 minutes to just 2 hours flat, same route, same category 21 kilometers. The last time I’ve joined here was last July 26, 2008 and after almost 6 months, the event was repeated. Below are the comparisons of my data: (Both 21 kms)

July 26, 2008- 2 hours 31 minutes, iz 2.30, ah 163, ph 177, mh 112, tc 2,229

January 18, 2009- 2 hours flat.iz 2.0, ah 165, ph 174, mh 115, tc 1,729, weight before the race 142 lbs, weight after 140 lbs.

There’s an improvement of 31 minutes since the weather is fair, unlike last time where there is typhoon and the path so muddy. I can still improve my time If not for that incident at the bridge at the last loop where one of my hydration bottles fell off, and while I’m almost at the top, someone yelled at me telling that my bottle is there at the bottom, so I hurriedly went down again. That cost me 3-4 minutes delay.

However, here are my observations:


1. The trail is very thrilling and the view spectacular.

2. Plenty of bottled Water and marshalls are alert and friendly at the key point area.

3. There are some freebies.

4. Singlet is great.

5. At the finish line, marshal will announce your ranking. (I’m 19th overall)


1. Why the 10 kms event started first rather than the 21 kms event?

2. The race 21 kms started at 6:10am. Late by 10 minutes.

3. I have never seen a first aider along the way.

4. Why only runners wearing the Tnf trail shoe will qualify for the prize? I think it’s unfair, for we pay a registration fee.

Still, I’m satisfied. Congrats to the organizer, partners, marshalls and runners.


“There is an appropriate time to dream of what the Lord might do with us, but no dream comes true until we wake up and go to work.”-James 2:18




4 responses

19 01 2009

hi ronnie, congatz on beating your record. I just wished that i’ve met you at the TNF along with my husband, i’m truly blessed with your blog. continue to keep on running. God bless. (i’m Let BTW) 🙂

19 01 2009

Pare, I’m sorry i wasn’t able to see you after the race.
hmm, the road marshals or first aiders were station in designated MP01-MP05 only. It has been stated in the rule and regulation and repeatedly announced in the pre-registration at ROX and before the race started that those who will be declared winner are those who wear TNF item, the fastest runner will be announced however.

19 01 2009

Hi Let, Thanks a lot for dropping-by. How I wish I do have the chance of meeting you and your hubby, but right after our 7th man arrived at finish line, Bert, a 60 year “Living Warrior” runner with the time of 2 hours and 16 minutes, our Team went home immediately for very important reasons and we were not able to witness the awarding ceremony.

I’m glad to see you here and hoping to meet you in our future races! Regards to your husband.

God bless you.

19 01 2009

Hi Jerry, yeah I reviewed the leaflet and it was stated there and announced many times but I’m still questioning it. For If it’s the case, there should be no more registration fee and all runners must wear “The Northface” product/s at least, just like the “Nike Human Race” run. It’s my personal opinion but overall, the race is great.

Good training + discipline = great result. Congrats again for your time. You showed us that reality of that formula.

God bless.

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