Sto.Nino 10 kms Fun Run:My 50th Racing Events!

24 01 2009

Today is very special for me, for this is my 50th racing events since I became a runner last April 2006.  I was invited to join a 10 kms Fun Run here in San Pedro Laguna dubbed as “Sto. Nino Fun Run.” I have no plan to participate because my training is all about endurance and long runs. However, I can’t resist the person who invited me. My data for the 10 kms are:

10 kms-44 minutes 46 seconds=9.7 kms only, in zone 44.44, average hour 169, peak hour 181, minimum hour 114, total calories 664.

I was informed that I’m in the 4th place in my age group (30-39).

My friend Henry de Castro received his trophy as the winner for the San Pedro residence group. Congrats brother, and may you have many more trophies to come.

To all the winners, participants, organizers and sponsors, congratulations too for giving us  the opportunity to run  in this place.

God bless us all.

“If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” Proverbs 24:10




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