Be Wise In Choosing The Right Racing Event/s!

25 01 2009

Almost every Sunday, we can notice that there is always one or more racing events here in Manila, mostly in “the fort, moa, Quirino Grandstand” etc. and galore of runners are confuse which one to join, like today, there are two events, in moa and the other one in the fort. It seems that the running community here in our country are so blessed to choose among themselves which is which?

However, I stick to my plan not to run or join every racing events and so today, I chose to have my long run instead.

My team will no longer join a racing event where:

1) there is an obvious “hoarding of freebies. “(in their leaflet it says: first 100 finishers will receive a certain freebies, and yet, at the finish line, those freebies were still intact at the organizer’s booth and never given to deserving runners.)

2. there is a manipulation in giving of the awards. (in their leaflet it says: there is age categories but when the awarding came, it was announced right there only that there will be no more age categories!)

3) there is a risk in the safety of runners.

4) there is no more water/pica pica foods for the 42 kms event.(specially at the last 15 kms).

In my 50 races (see my page: about me), I can say that I’m becoming wiser in choosing the right event because although I love running, those 4 things I’ve mentioned must be given keen and tough considerations.

Races that I will not miss this year? Adidas kotr, new balance, the northface, menshealth trail run and milo elimination. For me, those are the ultimate racing events and tested for a job well done in organizing an event.

God bless us all!

“Genuine faith is anchored in hope, not in circumstances.” Romans 5:5




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