Visit Your Doctor Once In A While…

5 02 2009

1) Last Sunday, February 1, 2009, I visited my doctor in Healthway Festival Mall Alabang so that I could have my annual physical examination. As a runner, I believe in the laboratory tests and its results can be of big help in my training performance.  I may be able to finish a marathon or a trail run, but I will not take  for granted the importance of seeing my doctors and have my system checked after running a total of 7,688.26 kilometers or equivalent to almost 33 days non-stop running since becoming a runner last April 2006. I have 3 doctors, a diebetologist, a cardiologist and orthopedic surgeon/sports medicine. They want me to submit to them the following laboratory tests: 2d echo, color flow and doppler study, ecg, routine urinalysis, chest/knee/feet xray, stress test, and fasting for blood sugar. Results will be known this Sunday February 8, 2009. Last year, I passed all the exams, but the doctor advised me to take glucosamine sulfate for my kness, joints and tissues as preventive maintenance and it’s the only supplement that I’m taking in right now.

2) My team is now ready  for the 21 kms Milo Batangas this February 15, 2009. We registered last Monday and this will be my third consecutive run in that place. The singlet is very nice, bearing 33rd year!

3) We will be having three long runs this Month…first is the Laguna Bel Air to Westgrove Carmona Cavite route, then the San Pedro laguna to Naic cavite route, and last is our 6 hour run, from 12 midnight until 6am.

4) My condolences to my brother in running, Willy Eugenio because his mother died at the age of 81. It’s where we spent a night or two during our recent 21 kms run in Laoag City last Sept 2008.

” I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of your marvelous works.” Psalms 9:1




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