Real Romance…

14 02 2009

Dear Loved One,

I know how you long for a soul mate, someone to love you and to be loved by you. These physical and emotional longings are natural. It is how I designed you. Yet too often, I watch people rush into romantic relationships without thinking. Before they realize it, things have become too serious- emotions get tangled, intense pressures rise, and expectations become unrealistic. That’s how people get hurt. Because I love you, I want to spare you that kind of pain. I want to protect you from the heartbreak of “falling in love” and becoming physically involved too soon. I would encourage you not to be hasty. Don’t give your heart away to the first person you feel drawn to. Be careful not to rush into a commitment you are not yet ready to make. Don’t be afraid to wait the right person and the right time. If you are wise, you will find that love and marriages are two of the most beautiful experiences life has to offer and well worth the investment of time it takes to be sure.

Most lovingly,

Your Heavenly Father




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15 02 2009

Very nice article classmate… thanks for sharing!

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