Pampering My Feet!

23 02 2009

My feet deserved some rest, some new stuff and a good massage…this is what I said to myself when I survived that torturous 49.28 kms run yesterday and so I rested today, bought myself a pair of a very nice “Happy feet” sandals in Alabang and pampered it further with a very relaxing massage in the Town Center. After a nail biting foot spa, the soothing effect of feet massage really brought myself in subjection, for the damaged of that sadistic run yesterday still lingers on. Every caress and finger pressure of that physical therapist whom I call “Weng” literally brought havoc to my wasted body. I’m agonizing in pain but the healing process has just begun, for massage has a therapeutic healing power.




“He who guards his mouth preserves his life…” Proverbs 13:3




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