An Achievement: The 49.28 kms Run!

25 02 2009

A day before our San Pedro-Naic Cavite run, I received a comment from a certain Junjun Nepumoceno, asking me If I could grant him permission to feature that unforgettable run in his site and I agreed as long as he will acknowledge too my blogsite, so that I could give back ALL the Glory to God…and last night, he informed me that our run is already there. It was an honor for me and to Junjun Nepomuceno, thank you very much for giving me space and time to post that 49.28 kms run and hopefully, many Naicquenos will find time to jog and eventually run in the near future.Running From San Pedro Laguna to Naic Cavite is like running nonstop from Naic Cavite to Lawton Manila.

Born and raised in Naic Cavite, I missed that place for It’s been a long time I haven’t visited that place and to conquer Naic just by mere running, is for me an incredible feat! If God willing, I will try again to run from Naic to Mt. Pico de Loro, the distance not that far compared to San Pedro Laguna to Naic Cavite but the route is trail and hilly.

One thing I learned from that Sunday’s event is that I can run up to 20 hours nonstop but my problem is the weather condition. If it’s too hot, that makes me falter and slow down. I cannot win over extreme weather condition.

Well, yesterday…I did my Easy Run of 1 hour and 1 minute equivalent to 7.2 kms. My feet is still in limbo up to now but I know…it will be okay this coming Saturday for the Amadeo run.

Here’s my picture of yesterday’s practice:


“Obey My voice, and I will be your God…and you shall be my people.” Jeremiah 7:23




One response

25 02 2009
Bro J

Wow! what a distance! Surely God has blessed you with strength to run. Keep on running! Keep on sharing Christ to others! God bless!

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