Running In Amadeo Cavite…Recap!(Part2)

28 02 2009

Here are some of my observations for today’s run in Amadeo Cavite:

1. Water-There is no problem with this one for in every 2.5 kms there is water station. It’s the first time I didn’t bring in my hydration belt and it’s so timely that their provision for this is great.

2. Marshals-they have enough manpower manning their posts and take note…almost all of them are wearing singlet. They are courteous and friendly.

3. Route-the place is indeed awesome! Going the first 5 kms is mostly downhill and the last part is very challenging. However, my Timex HRM records a 10.4 kms distance.

4. Punctuality-Although it was written on their registration form that they will distribute singlets and race packets at 7 am…I am surprised upon hearing the announcement that the race will start at 8 am which is not appropriate considering that too much exposure to the sun is not advisable. This is one of the few flaws of this race…

5. Safety Measures-while there are enough marshals, ambulance and baranggay officials manning this event, at one point I was scared by the attack of rampaging street dog! I have to stop for a while and walked silently, affecting my momentum!

6. Singlet-the stuff is nice and presentable, not bad for a P250 registration fee.

7. Freebies-Ohhh, I left that place with 4 bottles of Pocari Sweat (that’s hoarding hehehe), a commemorative mug and satiated myself with bottomless Great taste and Amadeo Coffee which made me jittery along the way lol.

8. My Pace-Although I was not able to keep in step with Baldrunner and his Team (I ran with them from Km2 to Km4), due to side stitches, I was able to maintain my average heart rate of 171 and at the last 200 meters, I overcame my buddy Philip and subdued Rigo…finishing strong at 52 minutes and 34 seconds. I maybe very far from my best PR of 38 minutes for the 10 kms but realizing I have ran a 49.28 kms last Sunday and was not yet fully recovered, I’m very proud of my achievement!

Overall…my rating for this Amadeo Cavite “Coffee Run” is 98%…If not for that very late start and that ferocious strayed dog, I will give them 100%…


“To obey is better than sacrifice…” 1 Samuel 15:22



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2 03 2009

pa share naman ng Freebies…thankS (hehe)

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