Another 42K This Saturday…

5 03 2009

While we can’t join Bugobugo’s group this coming Sunday due to some problems in logistics, My group will be having our own version of another 42k and the route is from Pacita San Pedro Laguna to Festival Mall Alabang via Daang Hari Route. Going there is approximately 21k already and so going back will give us a total of 42k. Those running addicts who will join me and confirmed their presence via sms are: Capt. Conrad Aquino (Ret), Jerry Carrera, Ferdinand Valdez, Rodrigo Cameros, Allan Limpiahoy, Bert Rodillas, the man who was with me in that 49.28 kms route to Naic Cavite last Feb. 22, 2009, Romy Irivera, and myself.

We all agreed to to wear red singlet (any version) and not Milo anymore, for we were enamored of  wearing Milo every long runs, and it’s about time to change at least at this one. Our assembly time is 3:45am and we will leave at exactly 4:00 am. Our time target is 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Well, it’s another tough weekend ahead of us and for those who will join Bugobugo or the 21k group of Jinoe…we may be having different routes and mileages but our goal is just the same: Satiate our addiction in running and preparing us for racing events to come!

God bless us and see you at the finish line.

“Without Me, you can do nothing.”-JESUS




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