Reaction In The Amadeo Race Result…

5 03 2009

Reading Jazzrunner’s blog and seeing the result of Amadeo race is really a sight to behold, for the organizer is quick and prompt in doing this. However, I’m dismayed for there is an error. My race number 34 that is still with me at this time and registered under my name, Fernando de Lara was mistakenly altered by the name of my buddy, Joaquin Jt Oliver…and his race packet no. 35 now became Fernando de Lara, and so, my time now became 58.46 instead of 52.32.

And to give you a proof, I have these pictures taken during and after that race…


Here I am, wearing no. 34 at the finish line…


standing from left, is Joaquin Jt oliver wearing no.35, and me beside him wearing no. 34…

Joaquin is my buddy and I knew his time. In our group of 11, I came in 2nd behind Henry de Castro and ahead of Philip and Rodrigo…

I hope the organizer will change the result of me and Joaquin, for it seems, our names were  mistakenly altered.

God bless us all.




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5 03 2009

The organizer must see to it that posting the result must be done carefully so as to avoid the dilemma like this one..It’s too good bro that you have these pictures with you as a proof. For in running, our PR is our only pride and honor…

Maybe “Nagkapalit” kau ng name Ni Joaquin?? Then the problem there is, who issued those race numbers? They must be liable..

5 03 2009

If the organizer can still change the result which they already sent to many recipients, it’s good for you bro. I know it’s still possible. If there’s a will, there’s a way! You can fight for what is right for your pictures were your best evidence.
Ang hirap tumakbo hah tapos mali ang ibibigay saung result hehehehe, kakadismaya tlaga! Our goal is not just finish a race, but to be given accurate time as well, that’s our only reward..

5 03 2009

To Maristela…I already called and sent sms to one of the organizers and I admonished him to see this pictures as my proof. It’s up to them if they will make up for their mistake. Bad thing is, I already announced my time as early as Feb 28, 2009 right after the race that my time is 52 minutes +—seconds, but now it’s 58 minutes due to that error. And upon checking, I saw what really happened.

To Joe…It’s hard tlaga, for our life is at stake. I hope they will change it, that’s my only consolation..

God bless us and see you all at the finish line.

6 03 2009

Ronnie– i took it to myself to correct the mistake they made. i hope the other recipient e-groups would do so too.

Mistakes like this happen all the time but there is no question about what you were able to accomplish. the truth shall always prevail and that’s what should matter most.

6 03 2009

Hi Jazzrunner…thanks for dropping by. In my own opinion, We can accept shortcomings of any organizer such as inadequate supply of water, rude marshals, harsh emcee, etc except for this one for we may not be an elite runner aspiring for prize but to finish a race and to be given accurate result is our only glory and pride, for it is priceless and no one can take it away from us. However, things like this do happen and taking it at a brighter side, I know they will correct the error and if, worst comes to worst, they can’t do it anymore…it only mean one thing, that not all that is being written therein (race result), are accurate and true!

This is good eye opener for us runners and maybe the best time to fill up in a race survey and raise out our concerns! It can happen not only to me, but to everybody as well. As long as we have proofs and evidences, we can stand for what is right…
Just after the race I gave them 98%, but there’s a lesson learned there…not to give right away that rating unless you have seen the “race result” because this is the totality of all their efforts. If i can only retracted from my previous rating. (lol)

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