Running…Amazing Truth And Facts!(Part 5)

6 03 2009

51) Top runners have long known the value of doing their fastest workouts with others. Kyle Heffner made the Olympic Marathon team in 1980. While training for that race, Heffner drove three hours round-trip once a week just to have company on his speed work.

52) Steve Jones set a world record for the marathon in 1984 and almost never trained on the track. Nearly all of his fast running workouts were fartlek session on the road.

53) Your finishing sprint in the last few hundreds yards of a race is your kick.

54) At the 1994 Gasparilla 15k, elite runners John Brown and Phillimon Hanneck were assigned a room together for race weekend. On race day, Hanneck discovered that he had picked only one racing shoe. Brown lent one of his extras to Hanneck, eventhough Brown’s foot  was several sizes larger. Hanneck repaid the favor by narrowly edging Brown for the victory.

55) The first Boston Marathon was held in 1987. Most people call it the oldest continually held marathon in the world.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Jogging And Running

God bless us and see you at the finish line.

“He who loves God must love his brother also.” -Jesus




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