Running In ILOILO City!

10 03 2009

Traveling almost 55 minutes via Cebu Pacific from Manila domestic airport, I reached Iloilo City at 6:30am. It’s my second time to be here, the first one way back sometime in 1994. There are many changes in this city, but the big difference was, I am not yet a runner then. When I first came here, I went to Bay-ang, Ajuy, Iloilo, some 3 hours ride from the city..but this time, I stayed here in the city for 3 days and that gave me an opportunity to conquer this place by means of running. Let me give first my impression on this city…

The strategic location of Iloilo, at the center of the Philippines, affords it an unparalleled advantage of being the hub of trade, commerce and industry. Iloilo’s excellent port facilities, extensive infrastructure, modern telecommunications system and reliable utilities make it an ideal focal point for the exchange of goods, information and services. The province of Iloilo has a land area of 4,731 square kilometers.It is 55 minutes by plane from Manila, 30 minutes from Cebu and 2 hours from Davao. By boat, it is 18 hrs from Manila and 12 hours from Cebu.

I stayed in Chloe’s Pension House, where it was very near to the town plaza. I ran here and in some streets that I’m not familiar with. One thing I’ve noticed about this city is that, it has 2 Shoe Marts, one proof that it is indeed a progressive city. I ran 1 hour and 15 minutes for my 2nd day here and 1 hour and 30 minutes for the 3rd day. I saw some elite runners in the making, jogging around the city’s plaza…

Here are some traces of that unforgettable experience:


Aerial view of Iloilo City…






The town plaza, ideal for running…it’s here where I mostly run.




I don’t know if it’s possible for  me to be back there in Iloilo city and join the Milo half marathon on Aug. 16, 2009, …but i will try.

God bless us and see you at the finish line.

“Do not walk in the way of evil…” Proverbs 4:14




7 responses

10 03 2009
Amado L. Castro, Jr.

Next time you are in Iloilo, try doing your daily run at the Sports Complex early in the morning you need only to pay P10.00 but you have the the oval and the crowd of runner/joggers/walkers are great daily.

10 03 2009

thanks for the info reinier…I’ll do it next time..God bless.

1 07 2009
roberto panerio

what can you say about chloe’s pansion house you sayaed with in iloilo city. btw where is it located specifically.

thank you for posting your experience in iloilo city.

3 07 2009

I forgot the exact location but the ambiance was just good and fee affordable. Thanks for visiting.

30 07 2009
iloilo onfoot

I’ve been jogging in the Sports Complex for like months… I don’t jog these days though… but now, I guess the riverside boardwalk is a good place to jog or so…

8 09 2009

To God Be The Glory!!!
May God Bless Iloilo City…

Happy birthday MAMA MARY!!!>>>

27 11 2009


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