I Made A Reservation For The TNF100 Solo Already!

17 03 2009

Yesterday, March 16, 2009 at 3:30pm…I went to The Northface Glorietta Makati and I reserved for the 100k ultramarathon solo. As I am writing my name on that sheet of paper, I noticed I’m the number 8 on the list and there were two guys ahead of me who also reserved for the 100k solo, (it’s so astounding to see that the first guy also reserved for the 100k), the remaining 5 will run in the 20k event. The male staff of that shop even told me that only 100 participants will be accommodated in all categories and it’s good for me that I reserved early.

I have a companion and she was perplexed! Only last Friday did I pay my fee for the Bataan 102k this April 4-5, 2009 and then I will run again for this Tnf 100k this coming May 23-24, 2009? Why run this hard? Why two ultramarathons in just a matter of 7 weeks?

My answer is: I don’t know why. Maybe, I’m really addicted NOW to running! I want to know my limit, and since my WILL  and DESIRE is so strong and I have the TIME, I’m following my training program and my GOAL is to conquer varied places…I know, with God’s help, I can do it!


God bless us and see you at the finish line.

“Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.” Psalm 48:1




5 responses

17 03 2009

Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

17 03 2009

good luck ronnie.i see that i already have company for the tnf 100 solo.i made sure i would be in the list and i was first.at least, on paper.hehe.see you bataan.

17 03 2009

Wow pare…when I saw the name Jonnel at the first slot for the 100k solo, I really thought that It was you, but I’m not sure about it because I don’t know your surname sorry hehehe…Now it’s confirmed.

See you at the Condura 21k, a nice prelude before the Bataan.

God bless.

17 03 2009

Wow! Good luck! That’s a dream distance for me for now. Have a safe run! 🙂

17 03 2009

Hi dhenztm…I want to experience something new and I think it’s about time. Thanks a lot for dropping-by and I believe you can also do it.
God bless.

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