Carbo-Loading Before The Race!

21 03 2009

As a Vegetarian, going to the mall and looking for foods suitable for me is sometimes a hard task considering majority of fastfoods and restaurants are offering meat as their primary dish and if they’re offering pasta, not all sauces for pasta are meat-free and so that makes my life a little bit complicated.

There’s this one kiosk in SM Southmall named “Bodhi” before, and their specialty is foods intended for  vegetarian. Unfortunately, it was already closed at this time. (Meaning to say…you have to think twice before becoming one, for I’ll tell you, not unless you’re determined, searching for vegetarian foods is not easy.)

Luckily enough, there’s this restaurant in Festival Mall Alabang offering edibles suitable for vegetarian, and mind you, their cuisine is yummy and appetizing.

I think I need not introduce to you the name of this famous restaurant…





baked ziti…


mushroom and spinach pizza…


with spaghetti with tomato sauce only.

See you tomorrow at the Condura race. God bless you.

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” -Psalm 37:23




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