Bataan 102k: No Retreat, No Surrender!

23 03 2009

Barely 13 days before the Bataan 102, I continued my training today after my half marathon yesterday in the Condura Race. I started my practice at 6:00 am and finished it at 7:20am. (I ran 1 hour and 20 minutes today), and tomorrow I will resume my practice at 7:20am until I experience running again under the heat of the sun and probably until 2pm. I will do this until March 28, 2009 and then the last week before the race will be my tapering period. In the afternoon, I will bike for an hour, slow pace.

I’m also overjoyed upon hearing that one of my friends, Romy Irevera (an elite runner) offered his assistance and he will be with me in Bataan 102. He will be my running buddy from km 50 until the finish line. I also received sms that some of my friends in Cavite will be sending some token (in kind).

I wore the Bataan 102k singlet today during my practice:




with Romy, who will be with me in the Bataan 102.

By the way, I’m dedicating this 102k ultramarathon this coming April 5, 2009 to the head Pastor of my former church  in Naic Cavite, Pastor Menguin who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. May the Lord heals him completely, nothing is impossible!

To all Bataan 102k runners, May we all finish this race, still…with a kick on our legs and a smile on our face, knowing not all can do this! As the legendary Baldrunner says,” the few, the proud and the brave”, and that’s what we are!

God bless us and see you at Bataan 102!

“Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” -Hebrew 11:6




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