Bataan 102k Ultramarathon: My Apparels (Part 1)

1 04 2009

3 days before this most anticipated event, may i share with you my game plan and let me  begin first with my apparels, for this will play a major role in finishing my first ever ultramarathon. Honestly, aside from injuries, the two most dreaded enemies in this event are: skin cancer and heat stroke, so I’m thinking for the best apparels that will protect me from those I’ve mentioned, and after much prayer, I come up with the following suits:

First, my shoes:


i will use this shoes from 12 midnight until 7am…

bat-shoes and this until the finish line.


maybe this short?


or this one? (from 12 midnight until 7am)


I will wear this from 12 midnight until 7am…


and this TIGHT LEGGINGS of New balance from 7am to the finish line…


together with this Adidas Climacool long sleeve maybe until the 101 kms…

and finally, if I still have enough strength and can still change my outfit, I will wear this in support of this event:


Can’t wear this singlet for a longer period for it’s not fitted  for me…so maybe I will wear this for the last 1 km. of the race. (If it’s still possible).

Next topic: My time target and other preparations for this race!

Whew!!! Bataanmania is here! See you there!

“let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.” Hebrew 12:1-2




7 responses

1 04 2009
Let Guieb

bro. ronnie, God bless sa bataan ultramarathon. have a safe and injury-free run. 🙂

2 04 2009

Hi Classmate- good-luck to the upcoming Bataan 102K UltraMarathon that you are about to do and…………Happy Birthday-YAY!!!


3 04 2009

Thanks classmate…I’ll keep your words.

God bless.

3 04 2009

Thanks Let…the route not that easy but I know the Lord will be with us to protect us.

God bless you too.

3 04 2009

hello ronnie,

my husband, jonas and I will be there to support all you guys. thats all that we can do as we do not have the courage and strenght to run 102km. Hope to take photos of you too.

We will be praying for you all.
God Bless

3 04 2009

kwarenta28…it’s so touching and what a display of encouragement and support! I will be glad If we could have photo ops after the race, if it’s possible…for my family can’t be there to witness this great event.

God bless you and Jonas.

3 04 2009

ka-birthday mo pala si PGMA? hehehe..we’ll be fully secured during the race because PGMA will be in the area on your bday and the following day. i could have changed your race shirt with a bigger one..anyway, you can use it on your finish photo-ops..see you at Km 00 and gud luck!

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