Bataan 102k:Those Invaluable Moments!

8 04 2009

Let me add-up the following invaluable moments which were not included in my 4 part series recently written about this race:

> At km 0-km 40, runners  can still laugh, talk and joke once in a while. There’s still running etiquette being followed, saying good morning if you’ll pass by a group of runners or individual or vice versa. However, at km 50- onward, you can no longer hear them talking and greeting was simply demonstrated by just raising a hand signifying “good morning or good afternoon.”

> I tinkled  thrice the entire race, first in Petron some 3.5 hours  from the starting Line, the other one in the long stretch of  Lubao Pampanga, and the last one only 7 kilometers away to the finish line.

> I changed my outfit inside the restroom of Jollibee Balanga Bataan, it’s 100m out of way but I need to for we can’t change inside our support, there were galore of girls inside.

> Some of the abnormalities that I’ve felt: I can’t swallow my saliva, my hair were standing up, I’m chilled under the scorching heat of the sun, I’m running like I’m floating in the air, I can see faces of my  friends who were dead already, I’m calling “Mother, where are you?” even though she died 5 years ago…,

> I recited Psalm 23 every time those abnormalities occurred!

> It’s important to bring your family in a race like this, specially at the finish line! Too bad I have none. I’m thinking, who will clap for me when I reach the finish line? If your family is there, that will be an extra motivation for you to finish an ultramarathon.

> Majority of spectators can’t understand why we’re doing it, and so do I during my lowest time of this race. In one barangay in Balanga, a man said, “The prize at stake maybe too big because you ran too long.” I replied, “No Sir, I’m not after the prize, I just want to finish the race.” He just shook his head as I continued running.

>In Abucay, a teenager shouted on me, “Ang galing naman ng mama, nagja jogging.” (How I wish I’m only jogging…hehehe)

>In Guagua, a motorist yelled at me, “kaya mo yan, wag kang maglakad.” It’s like I’m at km 70 already, my feet were swollen and the heat so terrible.

I’ll begin my usual practice sooner or later. For the meantime, I’ll do cross-training (gym,bike and swimming).

After ultramarathon -TRIATHLON will be my next target!

God bless us all!

“Every word of Scripture that you make a part of your life is an investment in eternity.”




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