Bataan 102k:Is It Worth It?

9 04 2009

The long term effect of Bataan 102k will I think linger in this frail body of mine for a long, long time. I don’t know when will I start  running again, after 2 weeks, a month, months???

It’s 4 days already after that ultramarathon, and yet my feet, both of them particularly my left foot, are swollen and inflamed!  I’m also always hungry, eating in variation every hour. My upper body is stiff  and my hands are fluttery.

At night, and when I’m about to sleep, I can  still see myself running and the route? None other than the Mariveles Bataan to San Fernando Pampanga. I can still picture out those views, those people, those routes…

Ohhh…the enigma of running an ultramarathon!

Is it worth it?

Because of this, many of my schedules for this Holy Week will be canceled. I can’t go to Mount Banahaw to render my yearly oath of staying there for a day or two. I can’t attend a church Service for the “7 Last Words.” I will miss the usual beach hopping on Easter Sunday…

By just staring on my trophy, medal, baller, singlet, finisher’s t-shirt,… I know it’s worth it! For I can still do those I mentioned above next year, but this once in a lifetime experience will not be always here with me, yearly!

For the meantime, while I’m at the process of recuperating myself, I’ll just stay at home and listen to my favorite gospel music. No outdoor activities and beaches, but my trophy is with me…And I’m at peace with my world!

“I delight to do Your will, O my God, and Your law is within my heart.” -Psalm 40:8




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9 04 2009

well done classmate! proud of you!

9 04 2009

hahaha!..that is the usual feeling of a true-blooded ultramarathon have to rest, sleep, eat, hydrate, and think of those moments when your whole body was in could hardly sleep because you think you are still running and actually miss the feeling of running from midnight to dawn. after you have recovered, you are raring to run another ultra again and you will tend to snub those 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K & half-marathon races during weekends, which is good way to save for the next edition of the bataan 102. see you soon!

9 04 2009

Sir BR…gotcha! that’s true. The only one that has an appeal for me right now is the marathon (which will serve as my appetizer for the coming ultramarathon again). And mind you, I’m no longer scared on those hot moments during long runs (9am onward), for in Bataan we tasted the true cruelty and power of the sun on our skin, and yet, we’re still the last men standing! I’ll start practicing this coming Saturday, with different level of enthusiasm.

Thanks for making us reach our goal and I don’t know how long will I write something about Bataan 102 experiences, for I’m so engrossed by it!

9 04 2009

Cynthia…classmate I ran a 10k for you, i hope you will continue it! …

See you sometime!

9 04 2009

hello runnerforchrist!

I’m Gene (runner 42). It’s funny to known not only me experience the same not so good sleep nights. I was able to sleep 8 hrs after the race because of tiredness but the following nights were different my mind is in race recap mode every time I’m in slumber. I guess I made a very conservative race and I did make a 35km run about already today but I’m still feeling not so comfortable with hills because it’s been long since I ran hills. I do power walk on them as suggested by Mr. Ben Gaetos. Please recover well and have a nice weekend ahead.


10 04 2009
rick gaston

This all seems normal. It was the longest distance you have conquered so far and it took a lot out of you so it will take a lot to bring your body back. Continue to be patient. Too soon a return to running will only prolong your recovery, worse, you can end up injured. Try to do easy walks and easy stretches. This will help move blood through your recovering muscles and keep you from getting too stiff. Beware the hunger cravings:) Friends ask me, “Rick why do you watch what you eat when you run so much?”. I tell them because my mouth can always “outrun” my legs. Eat as healthy as you can. Unless of course you naturally crave vegetables and fruits then pare you have it made. I go home every couple of years. Filipino food is both a curse and a blessing. Sooo goood but can be sooo bad!

Happy Easter and yes you can ask me questions. Pop on over to my blog and leave a question on your comment or email me. I’m no expert but I can share with you what has worked for me. We are all an experiment of one.

11 04 2009

Thanks Rick…Very nice comment. I’ll make it a habit to visit your site.

God bless.

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