Prayer Of Thanksgiving For The Bataan 102k!

9 04 2009

Heavenly Father…

As I come to You humbly tonight, I’m asking first for forgiveness for those exposed and secret  sins I have committed before You. I’m not perfect, only forgiven.

Thank you for giving me a part in that momentous event by putting me to lead in a short prayer. I know it’s not an accident, You will use me there so that Your Name will be glorified.

Lord, I’m so grateful for You answered my prayer! That race maybe tough, but You enabled us and made us tougher than the situations. While I asked for a cool weather, You did not make it to happen, but instead You let us experience the cruelty of the sun to be with us all the way but You gave us protection from the heat stroke instead. While I prayed that all of us will finish this race, You did not let it to happen, for some of us faltered and discontinued in the race. Maybe You’re sending us a message, that next time, don’t take this event lightly! For even though we are a seasoned marathoner before, we must still train and practice, for a 102k race is not an enjoyable event. Give us more long runs, increase our mileages and devote ourselves into training wisely and regularly.

While I expect those blisters, injuries, hunger, thirst, fatigue, abnormal feelings, discomfort, hardship…It’s nothing compared to what our forefathers experienced almost 70 years ago and we’re glad to be a part of history!

Thank You for the brain behind this event, Mr. Jovie Narcise and his staff, may You give him flourishing and longer life so that he can pursue his vision in the running community.

Thank You for all the participants, those winners, those who made it before the cut-off time, those who arrived at the finish line more than 18 hours, those who did not finish the race, those who came just to give moral support…those pacers, marshals, those good samaritans along the way and many others who contributed to make this event a success!

While there were some minor accidents, I thank You for there is no fatality in this race.

Thank You for lending to us Your traveling mercy, Your strength, and for designating Your legions of Angels to protect us from any danger.

I lead this event in the opening prayer, now…through this blog  I will not forget to bring back to You all the Glory, all the Honor.

I ask these In the sweetest name of Your Son Jesus,


Your Servant,




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