After Bataan 102k: What’s Next???

11 04 2009

Today, Saturday April 11, 2009…6 days after a successful Bataan 102k, I decided to have my first ever training. I ran very slow in 1 hour 25 minutes and 18 seconds = 9 kms, in zone 26.10, average hour 89, peak hour 147, minimum hour 58, total calories 302. Although there’s still pain and discomfort both on my legs, I’m so grateful I’m 90% okay now and I think I’m ready again to rumble!

Well, my incoming races will be:

May 10, 2009 -Botak 42k

May 23, 2009 -The Northface 100k solo.

I have to be very honest…After finishing successfully my first ever 102k ultramarathon, I have no more joy in participating in 10k, 15k, 16k, 20k, 21k or 25k…and my urge is to just join a marathon as one of my long runs and in preparation for the coming Tnf100.

I think -ultramarathon now reigns in my blood! I don’t care what time will I finish in Botak 42k, be it 5 or 6 hours -that’s my long run only and I will not compete there.

One of my running buddies said, “Ronnie, are you nuts? Why overkill yourself?” I just said that I’m okay and my body already adjusted to it. Sometimes, even a runner can’t understand an ultramarathoner. I can’t blame them and how I wish they try an ultramarathon… for a change.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who came into my house last Monday-Tuesday and visited me while I’m recuperating from my injuries: Bert Rodillas, Conrado  Aquino, Ferdie Valdes, Allan Limpiahoy, Philip Opulencia, Jt Oliver, Madz Gerpacio…and those well wishers -Willy Eugenio, Vic from calendola, Rani from Daang hari, Jack Marcos, Joe Asuncion, Johnny Alonte, Jerry Carrera and Henry de Castro. (and for those I failed to mention)

See you in Botak 42k this May 10, 2009. God bless us all!

“Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.” -1 Peter 5:6




6 responses

11 04 2009

It’s true that the shorter races seem very short compared to the ultras but they are still good for you. I treat these as speedwork. A couple of these short races is great to get the blood pumping and a nice break from the usual training. They may be short but they are very intense. I’ve found that speed hurts at any distance. I attend track practice every other Weds, every other Weds is my men’s bible study group. I can tell you that I’m just as apprehensive about track as I am about my 6-hour run practices. Speed hurts.

11 04 2009

ronnie, welcome to the world of of ultras! good luck!

11 04 2009
Caloy N (#23)

See you in Botak 42:-) Good to hear you’ve started training already. The doctor told me that I have to rest my foot for a week.(Had my dead big toe removed remember?). Will run in Greenfield 5K with my family…we’ll start & finish as a team!

11 04 2009

rick gaston…thanks for the input. While I really wanted to also join a 10 kms, it’s difficult nowadays for the registration fee is not cheap. Also the logistics and preparation in going to racing events is not that simple. I’m including speed works during my practice but very selective in choosing my 10 kms event. Not unless it’s an adidas race or a new balance, I will choose to have my long runs instead and include tempo run on it.

God bless.

S’ BR…that 102k Bataan is my eye-opener, thanks for making me a part of it.

Caloy N…Sta. Rosa is very near to my place, and I did conquer that place already. I will just save my money for the coming marathons and ultramarathon, and yes I’m going to see you in Botak 42k.

God bless you and your family.

12 04 2009

True, true. I know what you mean about the cost and logistics. By the way I hope you don’t mind, I added you to my blogroll.

12 04 2009

Hi Rick…I also add you up in my blogroll. Thanks a lot. God bless.

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