Books For Ultramarathon, Anybody?

13 04 2009

Scouting for a book intended solely for ultramarathons is not that easy. Literally, I searched for every nook and corners of Powerbooks and National Bookstore in Festival Mall and went home empty-handed. I asked the cashier, the answer was, they have it before, the title? “The Ultramarathon man”  but it’s a fiction book. It’s out of stock, and I think it’s not the book that I’m looking for.  I also asked if they have books written by Dean Karnaze, unfortunately, they still don’t have it until now.

Those running books of mine (Bill Rodgers and Jeff Galloway) are no longer appealing to me, although I still value it for in it I’ve learned so many things, the basic, the terminologies, the procedures…Now, I’m at the new level of my running career and I have to upgrade my system.

I’ve learned so many lessons in Bataan 102. I only ran one 49.125 kilometer and the rest was below 2 hours and 30 minutes in my 16 weeks of training. Needless to say, that wasn’t enough! My time of 17 hours and 24 minutes in that 102k ultramarathon could have been better If I trained more and ran more than once of 50k and up. I maybe accurate in saying that my only goal in my first ever ultramarathon is just to finish it within the prescribed time target, but seeing the winner did it in less than 10 hours (9 hours and 43 minutes to be exact), that winner maybe so strong and trained hard for this event and I was not able to even ate his dust for our time margin was almost 8 hours.

At the back of my finisher’s medal was the word inscribed, “finisher #49” out of 65 runners who reached the finish line.

Next Ultramarathon, I’ll do better! And to begin with, I’ll start reading books or articles pertaining to ultramarathon while my legs are not yet 100% okay.

This will keep me motivated and run more mileages-but can’t find one. Do you have any suggestion?

See you in Botak 42k.

“Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and depart from evil.” -Proverbs 3:7




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13 04 2009

ultramarathon man: confessions of an all night runner – d. karnazes
50/50 – d. karnazes
through the wall – forgot the author
a book by pam reed

try fully booked branches

13 04 2009

Thanks ronaldrei…by the way, where can I locate fully booked branches?
God bless.

13 04 2009

try to call them first para malaman kung may stock. pwede rin po magpa-reserve ng copy, as far as i know. got 2 books by DK from boni hi street branch. good luck.

13 04 2009

wow…complete! I already called shangri-la branch, unfortunately out of stock cla, I’ll keep on searching.

Thanks so much.

14 04 2009

ronnie, instead of books, try to browse on this website— you can read everything about ultramarathon for free! good luck & train well.

14 04 2009
rick gaston

KingofPots beat me to it. I was going to recommended the same site. That’s a great one. A lot of the info is from veteran ultra marathoners. The internet is free and lots of good info out there. Some of it is bad of course but then it’s the same with books.

This site is new:
This is out of Northern California and has several contributors. Great photos and write ups of races where you can glean some ultra-marathoning knowledge.

I have a few books but no one book will have all the answers. One great book I do have however is Tim Noakes, Lore of Running. It’s about running in general from 10k’s to ultra, from intervals to recovery. Check out this write up here. Someone on the PUR forum brought up this book so I assume it’s available there.

14 04 2009
rick gaston

Oh one more. KingofPots’ recommendation reminded me of Kevin Sayer’s site. His site looks just like Stan Jensen’s Run 100s website. No design but chock full of ultra information.

14 04 2009

Sir BR…the site is truly great and I’m reading it now. Thanks for the info.

Sir Rick…great site too and I’m going to look for that book here.

I’m so grateful for all your inputs here. I really appreciate it.

God bless.

14 04 2009

i’m not sure if the link to kevin sayer’s site is working so here it is…

also a great book to read – this one sits on my nightstand – is “A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning” by Don Allison.

good luck!

14 04 2009

Hi e-rod, it’s a pleasure to know such site and a book like that coming from you. Thanks a lot for dropping-by.

God bless you.

15 04 2009

theres a 100 books on running listed on in the books section.

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