Ultramarathoners Can Recover More Quickly Than Marathoners?

15 04 2009

I am receiving several invitations to join a particular racing events to my email address lately, and upon looking at my training program, I would say I cannot join majority of them. My focus now is to  finish my next Ultramarathon, the Northface 100k solo this coming May 23-24, 2009 in Sacobia Clark Pampanga. I’m also doubtful If I could join in Botak 42k on May 10, 2009, for in my training program, I should taper already for the last 2 weeks before TNF100, and it says there that I should run only 8k on May 10, 2009. Running a 42k maybe hazardous in achieving my next “Monster” target.

Scanning several sites pertaining to Ultramarathon (Thanks to those who contributed), I’m so appalled  to know that in some parts of the United States, there are Ultramarathons ranging from 160 kms to a whooping 240 kms! I copied manually the program for the 160 kms, training -good for 7.5 months. In my finite mind, I don’t know If I could survive that distance but why I’m copying that program? Do I have the plan?

I have a question -If someone will look for your  resume in running, which is more impressive? Running ten-10 kms event or only one- 102 kms?(Assuming that you’re only mere finisher, and not seeded)

If you’re a newbie in running, you will select the former…but If you’re a seasoned runner, the latter is your choice…and I bet, majority will pick  the 102k.  Many of us can finish fun-runs but only a selected few can survive an ultramarathon.

If my resources, logistics and If  God willing, I want to join the Badwater Ultramarathon someday. (Dream big-It’s free)!

But for now, let me focus first on my second Ultramarathon this year-a 100k solo trail run. This will be different from my previous Bataan 102k, for this route will be hilly, muddy, will cross rivers, plateaus, and I will see definitely those aborigines living beside the mountain. According to them (TNF), race packet, singlet etc will be available this coming May 5, 2009 -onward.

I don’t have trail run shoe yet, I canvassed and the cheapest-a P3,900+ courtesy of Columbia. (Who said that the cheapest sport is running?)

I ran 1 hour and 55 minutes yesterday, easy run and go to the gym in 1 hour 15 minutes. I supposed to bike today…

And here is a good news for ultramarathoners like me:

Did you know?…Many people find that they recover  from ultramarathons more quickly than from marathons because you have to run them at so relaxed a pace?  Older runners do exceptionally well in ultramarathons, because maturity is really rewarded in these how-long-can-you-last affairs. (Source: Complete Idiot’s Guide To Running page 291)

Quotes To Ponder: Actor Sylvester Stallone is applauded for his strongman movie roles as Rocky and Rambo. But what is he really like in his personal life? During an interview he honestly admitted, “If I were watching a home  movie of my life, I would shake my head in despair and wonderment. It’s a comedy of errors.”

Suppose a movie were made of your life and mine. Would it reveal not only errors and poor choices? Would we be ashamed of some scenes?

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me and know my anxieties.” -Psalm 139:23




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15 04 2009

I think the errors and poor choices provide life’s drama. But it would be a terrible movie if all you see are errors – the real drama lies in the personal redemption. 🙂

15 04 2009
rick gaston

Does your favorite road shoe have a trail equivalent? That would be a good place to start I think. Trail shoes are like road shoes, some don’t fit so well. As for faster recovery from ultra marathons, imho it’s the trail that makes it easier on the body. Hilly trails forces you to walk/run, use more/different muscles and distribute the pounding to your body. Dirt is much nicer than asphalt too. However if one runs an ultra-marathon fast enough, racing instead of just surviving then it’s gonna hurt. And if you crash, especially on a fast downhill…God help you:)

17 04 2009

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