After An Ultramarathon,How Long Will I Rest?

16 04 2009

Partially reading the life of a great ultramarathoner Yiannis Kouros made me to realize that man was made amazingly and deep within him lies great strength and endurance. Imagine, this man joined in a 24 hour road race and he was able to ran for 290.2 kilometers? And in some occasion, he did participate once more, this time in a 24 hour track race, his time? an incredible 303.5 kilometers! I think no one in this century can match that record, I’m now an avid fan of this legendary ultramarathoner.

Last Bataan 102k, the winner has a time of 9 hours and 43 minutes. Assuming he will not falter in the next 9 hours and 43 minutes (which is impossible), he will reach the 204th kms in 19 hours and 26 minutes. There’s still a difference of 86 kms, and he must do it in less than 5 hours to duplicate the feat of Kouros. And comparing that to me? I did finish the 102k in 17 hours 28 minutes, way way far behind Kouros’ accomplishment.

While it’s a common notion that genes play an important role, practice too can make an athlete a winner. I just couldn’t imagine how this guy train and discipline himself day by day to reach his goal.

Another guy who impressed me is Scott Jurek. A vegan like me, he is powerful in trail and cannot be denied in ultramarathons, winner of many events and endorser of prominent products.

Before, it was MJ, then Haile and Bolt…and now Kouros and Jurek. From Basketball, to running, to ultramarathon…they’re my idols.

Did you know?… after an ultramarathon, rest is very important? Real ultramarathoners rest completely from running for 4 to 6 weeks or until fully re-charged. This will prevent injury and will give runners time to miss running.

Quotes To Ponder…Some scientists tell us that in less than 10 million years the earth will be unable to sustain life because the sun will be too hot. This is depressing news for those who put all their hope in this world. It means that all humankind’s accomplishments will one day be wiped out.

Amazingly, this confirms the Bible prophecy that someday, “the earth in its present form will one day be destroyed with fervent heat.” 2 Peter 3:10

See you tonight in Bataan 102k Victory Party!


“Your life will either shed light or cast a shadow. Which side are you?”




2 responses

16 04 2009
rick gaston

Ah you are a vegan too. I don’t know how you guys do it, you know to train and run the long distances on a vegan diet. It must be difficult being a vegan there too since meat is everywhere. In my hometown of Bacolod even the vegetables have pork mixed in. So crazy. More power to you. Yiannis is amazing on the road ultras. Jurek is one of my idols but I always get star struck when I see him and say nothing. I’m kind of an idiot that way sadly.

17 04 2009

Rick…Many are surprised upon hearing that I’m a vegan and I finished a 102k without meat. I don’t think it’s needed to finish such feat, although it’s debatable.

God bless bro.

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