How To Train For Endurance?

26 04 2009

Living in the spiritual realm is much like preparing for a race in the physical realm. At one point I’m working on speed , then endurance, then on muscle tone. When not actually running I’m conscious of diet, of rest and other factors. There are strategies and goals to be considered.

Even though I was able to finish a 102k Ultramarathon it doesn’t mean I will not train anymore for a 10k race. Training is a never ending process. There’s no such thing as reaching your goal in running.  Every race has its own different challenges to deal with.

Likewise, spiritual growth progresses according to much the same pattern. Every incident I face throughout the day is intended to “train” my spiritual muscles of patience or kindness or reliance on the Lord. The difficulties and trials  I continue to encounter teach me endurance in much the same way a 30k run every morning does for my body.

Therefore, once my competitive running days were behind me, I found myself training still, but in much different way. Now I was developing my mental, emotional and spiritual impulses and reactions, always with the goal of modeling myself after JESUS. We were making headway-ridding ourselves of old attitudes, letting CHRIST put in HIS way of thinking and acting.

By proper training and  discipline, dedication and passion, and accepting HIM in your life-that’s the only way to train for endurance. Some will try another method and some will succeed but their success will only be here for a moment. The only sure way is through God’s way-“Apart from ME, you can do nothing.” -JESUS CHRIST

And that, of course, is the essence of growth, the essence of life itself. That is where the abundant and fulfilling life originates-by living according to the example of JESUS. It is a life outside of one’s self, a life founded in a loving and intimate relationship with GOD.


Sooner or later, I will be launching singlet bearing “runnerforchrist” logo and I’ll wear this during training days or in any racing events. At the back you can read “God be praised” and in front “Run For His Glory.” It’s about time to proclaim HIM to all the people, advertising HIS goodness and be a witness to HIM.

See you in Alabang Town Center 10k race this Sunday.

God bless us all.




3 responses

27 04 2009

I’d rather say “Jesus, be praised!”

27 04 2009

Yo R4C….great to see your ever increasing boldness in proclaiming God’s Glory as you run. My ID for my Garmin sight is 1Cor1031. Keep up the good work. God is pleased! In my opinion, we can’t do enough to proclaim all that he is worthy of. Amen. Pls be sure to say hi to Justin, Michelle & I next Sunday in Alabang. See you there.

28 04 2009

Hi Grey…Nice opinion. God bless!

Hi Craig…we can do something wherever we are for the Glory of God, big or small. I will definitely say hi to you and your family this Sunday. I’ll see you there!

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