The Basic Foundation Of A Runner…

26 04 2009

While I don’t believe God helps Christian athletes run faster, jump higher or hit harder, I do believe a personal faith in Christ can be a very real advantage in life because it can change and improve anyone’s character, and when we say character, we’ll be dealing with INTEGRITY.

As a runner, integrity for me is more important than speed, endurance and ability. Remove integrity from your training program and there’s a tendency for you to cheat and you’ll tamper your PR someday.

Nowadays, integrity has taken a back seat. In nearly every business in this land, including the running community, power is often more highly prized than integrity.

Integrity is an inner quality that affects our deeds.

We deserve better than to be handed a legacy of deceit. We must know that weakness is not failure and that even failure is a gift in the journey of life. These are the marks of a man of integrity, a man who recognizes that failure is the building block of faith.

Twice in my life did I have the opportunity to get something that is not mine and I can do that without them knowing it, big amount of money were involved, and twice I passed the test.

A man of integrity is a man enough to admit that he doesn’t have all the answer, he makes a promise intending to keep his word, even if it costs him dearly. A man of integrity admits failure and asks forgiveness when even his best intentions cannot or are not fulfilled, he picks himself up in the light of grace and forges ahead, learning from his defeats. A man of integrity is committed to the law of loving his neighbor as himself, whoever that neighbor happens to be. Most of all, a man of integrity loves JESUS CHRIST with passion, trusts HIM with fervor and follows HIM with focused dedication.

Yes, integrity must be the basic foundation of a runner for it brings together all that a man is, from the inside out.





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