Are You Number One?

27 04 2009

I was taught to be a well mannered youngster. I was inspired to be a good Christian. But when I finally gave God my life completely and let go, He developed me into something bigger and better than anything I was ever thought or inspired to become.

He will do the same for you.

As a kid, I have no idea of what my life could become. I dreamed of being a winner, so I tried hard to win in Basketball, Softball and Chess. As I matured, I naturally leaned toward Running. But when JESUS CHRIST became my Best Friend, my Lord, my Coach with a capital C, I found the larger purpose for my life and went on to pursue it.

Running is my talent, but the gift God gave me is much larger than that. God uses my talent as platform from which I can achieve my greater purpose. My goal is to influence others to fulfill their potential by pursuing their dreams in accordance with their gifts and talents. Young or old, male or female- you can achieve your purpose in life. A limitless God can make you a Champion.

Generally, a champion is someone who reaches a victory. My running buddy who won several medals defined being a champion as being acknowledged above all peers and competition as the undisputed “number one.” But I don’t define championship based on competition or accolades. To me champions are people who achieve their true purpose in life , who reach victory in many areas.

True champions measure themselves by a higher standard. We don’t need to compare ourselves with others or compete against them. While it’s true that nobody’s perfect, and we’re always prone for errors, we never dwell in them and made that as an excuse, rather we continue to try living a blameless life until HE comes. True champions are those who are proud of their accomplishments but not arrogant and boastful; those who can control their temper, who love their families, who can say NO to evil, who can be honest to small things and who can still smile inspite of humbling defeat.

Maybe you’re an elite runner but may I suggest that you strive more to become a champion! The former will make you as “NUMBER ONE”, but the latter will make you as “THE ONE.”

Are you “number one or the one?”

See you this Sunday in ATC Alabang 10k race.

“I will set before my eyes no vile thing.” -Psalm 101:3




4 responses

27 04 2009
bong ortiz

Very well said.

28 04 2009

Hi Bong…Thanks and God bless.

28 04 2009

Most inspirational! Your comments and story enriches my own being as I concur with all you say. I am not a runner having some physical limitations. However, I find life most worth living and enjoy gardening with my wife, memories of hikes and doing things we enjoy. Life is worth living and you express it so well. Time spent in our garden bring us close to the Lord. One of my favorite poems is:
The Legend of the Raindrop.

28 04 2009

Hi kindredspiritks…God bless you brother for visiting this site. Running or gardening, we can both give God all the Honor. Majority of people can’t understand it, why we’re doing it. God made us to bring Him glory, that’s why whatever we do, we MUST acknowledge Him and worship Him…always.

This site is for Him. God bless you and your family.

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