How Strong Are You?

27 04 2009

Strong men-weak men. We males are born with the inner ingredients to be either or both. The choice is ours. Deep down, of course, we want to be strong. But what makes the strong men of today? Who are they?

Money gives a man the power to control others, but in itself money does not make a man strong.

Athletic skills wins the adulation of others, but so often today these “heroes” have feet of clay.

Political leaders learn the art of compromise, a trait that too often weakens them.

For me, the strong man will take unpopular positions on issues he believes in, then he acts boldly , knowing that mighty forces will come to his support. He readily admits his mistakes, is quick to praise an opponent, holds back any judgment. A strong man has a rock-like patience; he is not deterred by criticism, but examines it prayerfully to see if he can learn from it.

The strong man is a son who honors his parents; he is a faithful husband, a father who would not only lay his life for his wife and children, but also give them the time they need; the strong man is a caring brother; he seeks the Lord’s guidance in his work; he leads others by serving them; when he goes to the church, he seeks way to minister to others. He has a tender heart for the weak. The strong man is not cruel to his pet or to his servants; he loves nature as though it was God’s gift everyday. The strong man will not always compete and sometimes he will just give in for the sake of others. The strong man will cry when people around him is in chaos and he will be jolly upon the success of his neighbors. The strong man accepts what life has to offer, either prosperity or suffering without questioning his Maker.

The strong man knows his Creator, joyfully accepts the way he was made, delights in the special skills he has been given and learns to use them for the good of mankind.

Most important, we men who seek to be strong know it will never happen through our own power-only through HIS.

How strong are you? I’m hoping that as you lift those plates as heavy or heavier than you, you find time in realizing that while body building is important, there’s more valuable than that-the INNER STRENGTH!

God bless us all.

“Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.” -Matthew 20:26B




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