TNF100: Running In The Dirt And Mud?

28 04 2009

“One of the most annoying things about weather forecasts is that they’re not wrong all the time, either.” -Farm Journal

I’m worried.

Only 3 weeks to go and  I don’t have training yet on the trail.

I bought a trail run shoes  and a back pack last week and I’m ready to run on the trail, but the rain especially in the afternoon made my   route harder and almost not ideal for training.

How can you run in the dirt and mud?

It’s like running in my first ever TNF last year, where before the race, a raging storm was about to hit the country. I only did join a 20k that time, but the route was so hard that even a horse had a  difficulty in swooping its path.

I’m planning to train  for a week in the 50 hectare dry land somewhere in Naic Cavite but the rain aggravated the situation.

And I don’t know If the rain will stop and will give me opportunity to have my much needed training on the trail.

My run-bike strategy is not enough. I need to really feel the trail and experience almost the same scenario that I’m going to encounter on May 23, 2009.

And I wish that there will be no storm on or before that event, the TNF100!

The Lighter Side:

Many have wonderful opportunities surrounding them but do not see them. They are like Ali Hafed, the Persian farmer, who sold his fertile farm and traveled all over the world in an unsuccessful search for diamonds, and finally died in poverty and despair in a distant land, while the far-famed diamond beds of Golconda had been discovered on his despised farm.

Quote for the day:

Patrick Henry shouted, “Give me liberty or give me death.” The next generation shouted, “Give me liberty.” The present generation shouts, “Give me.”          -Sword Scrapbook II



5 responses

28 04 2009

well trust in the Lord with all your heart..

The Running Ninja

28 04 2009
Chris Barber

If you are able to train in the rain then you will be that much more ready for your race when conditions will probably be better. You can’t control the weather but you can control how you feel about it. I like to imagine a beach when it is cold out. It does seem to help before you start moving down the trail.

29 04 2009

Monsoons have shifted, if you noticed, from dry northeast winds to wet southwest. For the western fourth of the country that means only one thing — afternoon showers. It means most of the Sacobia tributaries will all be running too. You have to run the Naic trails in the rain.

29 04 2009

Hi miraclecello…I really appreciate your input, rest assured I’ll do them. I’m excited to be in Naic Cavite this coming Monday-til Wednesday, rain or shine and I’ll spend the whole day trekking.

God bless.

29 04 2009

Hi runningninja…thanks a lot for that encouragement. God bless.

Hi Chris Barber…it’s an honor to be visited by you, and those inputs will help me a lot.

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