TNF20k:Reminiscing Those Happy Days!

30 04 2009

“The greatest pleasure in life is to do a good turn in secret and have it discovered by accident.” -The Bible Friend

One of my running buddies, Capt. Conrad Aquino (PNP Retired) was injured during a freak accident last week, involving him and his dog. Conrad, a 63 year old veteran runner and already an icon in our place for his devotion and passion for running broke his left shoulder (collar bone), with 3 stitches on his head and galore of bruises. What happened was, he was carried away by his dog when it suddenly ran, causing him to lose his balance, accidentally hitting the ground-head first. Well, Conrad weights just 106 pounds and his dog-a Giant Labrador.

His doctor obliged him not to run for 3-4 months-or more!

We were saddened by the news, for Conrad is my long time ally and buddy. I knew this is also hard for him, for running is his life. He started running at the age of 17- and he’s running for 46 years now.


Me with Conrad…in one of our running sessions in San lazaro Leisure Park in Carmona Cavite in this undated photo.


Conrad at the back…during our TNF20k this year. In front was Willy, also one of my buddies. This picture was one of my favorites. Imagine at 63, and he can still run like this in a place like that?


Conrad at the finish line…I’m only ahead of him by just 15 minutes.


Those were the happy days for Conrad, and during this time of great suffering, I and the rest of the group will be here for you.

And for you Conrad, eventhough you’re not aware that I featured you today in my blog-I pray for your immediate recovery! This blog will honor you and your contributions to me when I’m still a neophyte runner will always be remembered. Your advises, insights, lectures will always be here in my heart. Pagaling ka Conrad, tatakbo pa tayo mula Pacita San Pedro Laguna hanggang Tanuan Batangas (your hometown), di ba? hahaha

Something To Think About: Sigmund Freud once refused to attend a festival in his honor, remarking, “When someone abuses me I can defend myself: against praise I am defenseless.”

Run for His Glory!

“…keep yourself unspotted from the world.” James 1:27




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