Have You Heard Of A “Calloused Bone?”

5 05 2009

“It seems like some people  always have the roses while others are always picking the thorns.” -selected

Heeding the advise of my good friend, Rick Gaston…yesterday I consulted another Doctor and at the same time I got the result of my X-ray. The paper print out says “Ankle AP/LAT/MORTISE -IMAGING- negative fracture nor dislocation in the views obtained. Spur formation calcaneus.”

This time my  Doctor was a Family Medicine, and he was referred by the Receptionist that he was capable also of handling my case, his name was Doc. Hermogenes Paylaga. I handed to him my x-ray and a piece of paper containing the result. He explained to me so many things but the bottomline again was all about “athritis.” He noted that “the spur formation calcaneus” was the beginning of athritis and he had seen it on my x-ray. It’s like a “calloused bone” and that callouse was at the sole of my feet. While his finding was not yet final, he admonished me to take another tests: RA factor, Anti-Nuclear Antibody and  Uric Acid. All of these tests were done through blood extraction also yesterday. Result will be released after two days.

Our family has no history of athritis and I’m just wondering how come it will happen to me?

Doc. Paylaga also wanted me to stop running and alter my passion into “less weigh-bearing” exercises. “The impact on your feet every time you run caused that spur formation calcaneus, and your soles were traumatized!”

Painful and hard words, coming from a man who knew nothing about running! While I’m still waiting for the results of those lab tests, I ran today for 49 minutes while it’s raining…and ohhhhh, how sweet it was! My first ever after 6 days due to sore throat and ankle pain.

If God will grant me one request today, I want Him to allow me continue running. It’s my life, and I will proclaim Him everywhere.

But the Enemy is also testing me and right now, only God’s power and miracle can spare me.

Let His will be done. Who am I to question His plan?

God bless us all!

“Help me to see the sunshine through the rain, What I count loss may somehow be gain. Help me to sing when I would cry, Knowing that Thou art standing by.”




4 responses

6 05 2009

I think you are pushing yourself too much especially with this TNF race.
The body can only endure so much stress before it gives way. And you have your present injury to prove it.

As a brother in Christ, I say this lovingly… you may have been bitten my the racing bug.

The good: you may finish the race injury free.
The bad: you don’t get to finish the race because of your injury.
The ugly: you don’t finish the race AND aggravate your injury keeping you off from running permanently.

Pushing the body too much is not proper stewardship of what God has given to us.

If you ask me, I would skip any ultra marathons until I am 100% healed. The running boom will guarantee of more ultra marathons in the future. For the meantime, patience until complete recovery is key for me.

May God give you the wisdom to decide.

God bless you, brother.

6 05 2009


I hope it is nothing serious. This is also what I don’t what to happen. My knee injuries sometimes stop me from running, but hopefully yours does not.

Get well!

6 05 2009

I’m just a phone call away if you want my opinion on this classmate….My husband thinks you are over-doing this running thingy. Please take care of yourself, rmember- YOU are going to make time for me when I visit Philippines in 2010…There are places in Manila that I didnt get to see since my family and I left so soon to join my Dad here…but Naic will always be my home…

6 05 2009

bro! i hope it’s nothing serious. newbie runners like me look up to you for inspiration. listen to your body. maybe you need to slow down, so that your body can rest and be ready for a more longer run. =)

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