A Runner-Doctor With A Big Heart!

6 05 2009

“Never return a kindness. Pass it on.” -selected

Today, I received an email coming from a reader of this blog and even without his/her permission, I’m going to post it here. The reason behind it is that I’m so overjoyed to read such letter. I’ll just hide some data but promise that I’ll reveal the identity of this “angel” when the appropriate time comes. Here it goes…

Mr. de Lara,

My name is Dr. __________________, a “trying hard” middle aged runner and orthopedic surgeon. I frequent the net to get news on running and how to improve myself and I have visited your blog on several occasions. I was surprised to find out that you still have problems a month after the ultramarathon and now you are about to embark on another one seemingly uncertain. Rather than wait for the result in your next blog I felt that I should be of service somehow.

If you wish, I would like to help you by rendering my opinion. I usually run in the early mornings in the south, like tomorrow, I intend to run inside Ayala Alabang by 0530H or 0600H (or if I wake up on time, 0500H within the BF Ph 3-6 area) and we could take time to discuss your problem. Another way is to schedule yourself in my clinic at Asian Hospital room ___ by calling my secretary, _______ at _________ for the traditional clinic visit. In any case, please bring your xrays if you decide to proceed. I am not very good in memorizing verses but the one that comes to mind is “…Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be open unto you…” from our wedding.

Now if you’re a lot better then Praise be to God…Good luck in the 100k and I’ll catch you one of these days in the “shorter” runs;)


Dr. _______________.

I immediately made an arrangement and this doctor will see me tomorrow.

Whew! Praise the Lord!! I will post his full identity next time, when I do have his approval, and maybe I could have his picture taken and upload here in this blog.

This is a good news to the running community, a running Doctor! While we will be dealing with so many bone-injury related problems, an Orthopedic Surgeon who is also a runner is now here with us, and his appearance is so timely.

Doc.., I salute you not only because of your kindness to me but you came in just in time when I’m searching for an answer.

The many advices and kindness that I received including this one will make me a better person and I must pass it on to another someday.

God be praised!

The Lighter Side: The patient complained bitterly, “Five dollars is a lot of money for pulling a tooth-just two seconds’ work.” “Well,” replied the dentist consolingly, “I f you wish, I can pull it very slowly.”

“The fruit of the Spirit is…kindness…” -Galatians 5:22-23




4 responses

6 05 2009
the meek runner

a good sign from the Lord to push through your TNF solo… Good Luck!

6 05 2009
The Running Ninja

Wow that’s so good! I wish to know the identity of the doctor so I can interview him one of these days on my blog. God is with you.

The Running Ninja

7 05 2009

yes, you must believe that there are “angels wearing running shoes”. they rather run than fly to held other people who are in need of help. good luck & please extend my warmest regards to this “angel”.

7 05 2009

correction,…to help other people…

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