Can You Run In The Midst Of A Strong Typhoon?

7 05 2009

“Life is like a ten-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use.” -Charles Schultz

Lazy days are here.

The effect  brought about by continuous rain even though it’s supposed to be a hot summer month will make runners look for some alternative routes or ways  so as not to hamper their training program. Although boring, some of them opted to run on a covered basketball court but even that will not suffice particularly If the area is crowded with cagers and runners alike.

With this dilemma, I’m thinking of buying a threadmill or a roller for my racer bike. This will make me still active even in the luxury of my home  during rainy days. When your body is accustomed in long hours of practice, you will find ways specially during this time.

However, it’s also nice to have shorter runs while it’s raining. I also experienced running a 42k in the midst of a strong typhoon (Milo 42k Elimination 2008). I tell you,  that race really tested my limit in a different level. Even before the race started, it’s raining so hard and the first 10k was  really a struggle for me to sweat it out. Majority of people who saw us  thought we’re crazy! Well, I did finish the race with galore of blisters and a cut in my groin area, but the satisfaction I felt was really awesome.

The Lighter Side: Elephants live longer than people. Maybe that’s because they never worry about trying to lose weight. -Knoxville News Sentinel

God be praised!

“The fruit of the Spirit is…longsuffering!… -Galatians 5:22-23




4 responses

7 05 2009

Hi Ronnie. I experienced running in a typhoon in Taiwan in October 2001. It was unbelievable but I was training for a major race at the time and I was in Taipei on business when still working for AT&T. The only concern was the debris.

Hope everything’s well with you. Take care and God bless!

7 05 2009

looks like it will be rainy this sunday…any other pointers for first time marathoners?

7 05 2009

a roller for your bike would be a good suggestion. instead of the treadmill, i suggest you do your stretching/yoga and core exercises. good luck on your TNF training.

8 05 2009

i like running in the midst of typhoon and help out in clearing obstructions on the road (mostly fallen trees). also, the raging wind/waves and sea water splashing along roxas boulevard is quite amazing to watch. a bit on-the-edge excitement but not safe!

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