Bandanas Atbp…

14 05 2009

“Souvenirs are perishable; fortunately, memories are not.” -Susan Spano

Before I attended the TNF100 Pre Race Briefing yesterday, I personally met Baldrunner at the Ultra Oval in Pasig City at around 5pm. I ordered Energy Bar and Protein Bar from him and I’ll use it in the TNF100 on May 23, 2009. I was able to get also “Bandanas” from him- FREE.-(Thank You Sir Jovie).

My classmate in the BDM102, Dennis was also there and a runner-blogger Felipe Dumpit.


Dennis with Baldrunner


Ang nagpakalbo with the baldrunner…




First time with Felipe Dumpit…

I’ll use that bandana during my LSD. Again Thank you so much Sir Jovie, “kaya ko naman pong bumili ng bandana, pero ibang klase pag galing sa inyo, may sentimental value at baka lalo pa akong bibilis sa takbo hehehe. (tulad nyo).”

Did you know? Moses was 80 when God called him. Socrates gave the world his wisest philosophy at age 70, and he learned to play on musical instruments at that age. Plato was only a student at 50. He did his best after reaching 60. Michelangelo was still composing poetry and designing structures in his 89th year. He painted the ceiling of Sistine Chapel on his back on a scaffold at near 90. Cato at 80 began studying Greek. Petrarch, when between 70 and 80, started the study of Latin. Ludovico at age 115 wrote the memoirs of his own days. Age doesn’t matter-even in running!

God be praised!

“Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God.” -Luke 5:26




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