TNF100:My Last Days Of Training…

16 05 2009

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.Charlie Batch

Less than a week to go before the TNF100, here’s my training program for the coming days:

May 17-Sunday-18k@100k pace

May 18-Monday-4×1.00 (3.00) speed

May 19-Tue-OFF

May 20-Wednesday-3×1.00 (3.00) speed

May 21-Thursday-OFF

May 22-Friday-3×0.30 (2.00) speed

May 23-Saturday 4am-TNF100k-Race Day!

Today, I did my 2-4×00.35 Hill training program…



Honestly, I gained some pounds after my BDM102k, before that race started my weight then was 140 lbs, after the race it’s 130, now my weight is 146 pounds, but I’m not worried, for I know, after this TNF100, I’ll loose maybe 10 pounds or more like what happened in the BDM102.

See you at the TNF100.

“Be strong and be very courageous…” -Joshua 1:7




2 responses

17 05 2009

see you there bro. ronnie. and keep safe on the race. God bless you. 🙂

18 05 2009

yes i will see you definitely…

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