TNF100:Surprises And More!

16 05 2009

“Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprises!” -Alice Walker

When I joined the BDM102, I didn’t bring any headlamp, blinker and flashlight although it’s a recommended gears at night. That race started at 12:35 am and until 5:30am, I relied  on the headlamps of other runners and most of the times,  at the lighting bulb  of Meralco posts. I managed to survive, but it’s very difficult..Now I’m thinking, what If I stumbled at those dark areas?

Now here at the TNF100, it’s mandatory to bring those gears because the route is trail and there will be no more lights coming from a Meralco posts, and relying on my buddies for their headlamps will be very hard and impossible. So, in the past few weeks I went to different malls and searched for those gears, specially the headlamp. Unfortunately, the price of the available brand  is P2,500+. Since I have to allocate my budget not only for headlamp, I canvassed for a cheaper headlamp, but until yesterday May 15, 2009, my effort was futile.

I shared this concern of mine to some of my friends, and actually I sent them sms asking them If they have  headlamp so I  could just borrow one. But since headlamp is not a common thing even for runners, they can’t give me positive response.  Until one buddy, (who requested that his name not to be mentioned here), called me one time and asked for my complete address.

I was surprised today when a courier from JRS Express arrived right at the doorstep of my humble home, and  I have now a new headlamp and a blinker courtesy of this gracious man.





Bro, thank you very much for these very nice stuff, I’m so surprised and grateful for this assistance. I can’t forget it! You’re a Good Samaritan and although I didn’t ask for it, you sent me not one, but two items.

God bless you bro.

More…Tomorrow is the do or die (game 7) of a double header between Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic; and Los Angeles Lakers vs. Houston Rockets. My fearless forecast? I always go for the underdog. Since Kevin Garnett was injured, and the Rockets missed   the services of Yao Ming, Mutombo and M’cGrady…it’s Boston and Rockets who will win the series!

God be Praised!




4 responses

16 05 2009

i am not surprised if the Good Samaritan is also an ultramarathoner/ultrarunner. yes, ultrarunners are different breed of runners because they help each other. good luck on your TNF 100. i know you are now well-prepared.

16 05 2009

At least 14 river crossings my friend, and some of them have to be done at night. That would be suicide.

If anyone else is looking for mountaineering-grade headlamps tell them to visit my friend Oca’s Expedition Plus shop at the 2nd floor of the Mile Long Building on Amorsolo Street, between Makati Medical Centre and Herrera St. He’s open six days a week but takes long lunchtime breaks. I think they have pulled the headlamps from the ROX and Sandugo shelves.

18 05 2009

ok bro thanks for the info…

18 05 2009

Sir many runners are kind, but this guy was not a runner or an athlete, just an ordinary man with a big heart..

God bless.

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