Lahar In Your Shoes…

18 05 2009

“We stumble over pebbles, not mountains.” -Our Daily Bread

Aside from worrying about my “lighting” gears, I also have qualms on how will I run the course If lahar will accumulate in my shoes in the incoming TNF100, for we know that it can cause blisters once undetected at the early stages of the race. Wearing Sandals, instead of shoes will give us no guarantee from a blister-free running.

I can still recall my previous experience when I ran the entire area of Boracay island last year. I went there not to swim only, but to conquer that place by means of running. As I’m wearing my NB 800 shoes, I ran a total of 20 kms, from one end to another.



When I reached km 18, I felt something hard and very uncommon object inside my shoes and I’m in pain. As I removed my sneakers, I discovered that there were already an accumulation of sands inside it, solidified already, like a cement-and big blisters I’ve got. What was uncanny then, little by little, those very small particles of dust penetrated on my shoes and without any warning-gave me irritating and painful blisters. The thing that came the closest to defeating me was the sand in my shoes.

The first 10 kms of the TNF race will be at the Lahar country. Shoes or sandals, lahar will respect no one.

This reminds me too of how we can be spiritually defeated by what begins as a little irritant. We let an unkind word, a small setback, or a misunderstanding get us down. Or we allow people around us to influence us in little but wrong ways. Instead of being determined to avoid evil-big or small-, we compromise. We neglect to go to the Lord for forgiveness and help.

Sir Frances Drake, the 16th century English explorer who had sailed around the world, was crossing the Thames River when a violent storm threatened to capsize his boat. He cried, “Shall I who have endured the storms of oceans be drowned in a ditch?”

We would be wise to ask ourselves, “Shall I, who have come so far by faith, be defeated by ‘lahar in my shoes’?”

We must answer with a resolute “NO!”

God be praised!

Wonders of Insects: A flea leaps 200 times its length. A man would have to jump 1,200 feet to equal this proportionately.

“Do not walk in the way of evil. Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn away from it and pass on.”-Proverbs 4:14-15




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